Travel photo of a Hornbill in Pangkor Island

Travel photography is all about what you see on travel, not what you make up or imagine of. What you have seen on your travel might not be the same as others and what could one see might not be seen by the other, even they are on the same trip to the same tourist spot. Not to mention a travel photo. What you capture and how you capture will not be the same as others, albeit shooting at a same object or scene. So the result is always different from one photographer to another. A good or bad travel photo happens in a fraction of a second. And this could be helped by a bit of luck, knowledge, skill, and of course timing.

Pangkor Island hornbill9

Some EXIF info: Photo taken with my Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 18-105mm lens. Shutter speed 1/125sec and Aperture f5.6. Focus distance was set to 105mm. ISO 100. Auto White Balance. No flash fired and +2/3EV exposure being compensated with Matrix metering.

This snapshot of a Hornbill bird was taken at a Hornbill feeding station in the most famous beach resort in Pangkor Island, the Pangkor Island Beach Resort. Pangkor Island is a lesser known island resort located off Lumut town and near Ipoh of West Malaysia. The island is populated by many wildlife includes Hornbill.

It was early in the morning at 8AM when Hornbill’s were flocking in from nowhere to the feeding station in the resort. With a strong reflection of lights coming from the sky and sea, the Hornbill was actually backlit. I needed to dial up the Exposure Compensation a bit more to counter the backlit issue, albeit it wasn’t quite enough. I further brightened the photo up in PS Element8 before uploading it to Flickr.

Overall, I quite like this travel photo not in terms of technicality, but because the nice pose of a Hornbill was captured at a right time from a right angle, and this is what travel photography is all about. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate photo travel guide

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