Top 5 Travel Feeder Commentators Of The Month – August


Time passes so fast. It has been slightly more than a month since Travel Feeder was created in June 2008. While it is still fresh, I really appreciate comments from all over the world that would inspire me more to improve the quality of this travel blog. For a 1-month-old travel blog, Travel Feeder has successfully posted 23 original articles on Travel Tips, Travel guides, Summer Travel Experiences, Top 5’s of Travel and so on. Out of that,  over 60 positive comments have been received from all over the world, not to mention reviews from other travel blogs. It is extremely encouraging with those comments and reviews and I’m totally flattered. It just strengthened Travel Feeder’s Motto: Maximize Our Travel enjoyment, Minimize Our Budget and Enrich Our Limited Holidays.

As part of Travel Feeder’s ‘Top 5 Of The Month’ series, we decided to summarise and list down here the Top 5 Travel Feeder’s Commentators Of The Month for August 2008, to have a little appreciation move for my great travel community. Here are the Top 5:-

  1. Eunice – She is Travel Feeder Top Commentator! She inspired me the most as she is my loyal reader of every post and commented 7 of them. I appreciated her great support all this while and here is one of her comment: ‘Wow! I didn’t know that there are 4 UNESCO sites in Malaysia! And 1 is on the way…Travel Feeder heheh. One of the most beautiful places on earth is actually so near to us! Good, since it’s so expensive to travel around, I think it’s time for us to appreciate the little beauties around us! I am looking forward to your next Top 5! Thanks for sharing! :D‘. On top of that, I really felt proud as she is the author of a popular travel blog, Travelerfolio!;
  2. Heather Dugan – She is my second top commentator so far, and she is cathing up. Here are some of her comments: ‘I’m glad to have found your site! The Moscow and Seoul photos are especially good; great lighting!”Good list. Mine also includes my camera, batteries and charger… and running shoes (”necessities” that I can’t/won’t buy on a trip). I’m not as thorough on the phone numbers. I bring the ones relevant to a current trip but probably need to keep one with some of the other numbers you mention as a printable computer list.’. She has a great blog as well at;
  3. Mark H – He is my great supporter as well. Here are some words from him:’I like the idea of “top 5″ and wish you luck with your blog.”i have been to three of the five cities and I agree that they were very expensive in comparison with other cities. Great Moscow photo.’. For more stories from Mark, he is running a travel blog called Travel Wonders;
  4. Renny BA – I really glad to have his gracious comments. Here are some words he said:’Great advice of important things to bring on trip. Maybe one should had: A Map for helping you wondering around on new places ;-)‘, and he is from Norway. For those who wants to visit OSLO and Norway, you should visit his blog,, and
  5. Air Travel Tips – The author of (the site is no longer existence as of 2011), his comment just made me unsleepable: ‘I found your blog via Google while searching for air travel tips and your post regarding New Features of WordPress V2.6 looks very interesting to me. I could not believe the amount of quality material on this site. The site is extremely eyecatching and pulls the reader straight it, the articles are great quality and are very professionally written. I have seen too many of these sites where it looks like they pay an 8 year old to do the writing – Not this one. Your site is easily the best that I have seen in a long while.’

Comments are open for all my readers, either positive or negative, and comments are important to Travel Feeder for its continuous improvement and upgrades. Though there are only Top 5 commentators listed above, all other comments are also unforgettable and inspiring that I hope I could include all of them here…. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate photo travel blog


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  2. RennyBA
  3. Herman
  4. Heather Dugan
  5. Lifecruiser
  6. Mark H
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  8. Ban jonson
  9. Madeira

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