Higashiyama district map – Your Kyoto Autumn ‘Koyo’ viewing starts here

Higashiyama district of Kyoto

October each year is when the maple leaves turn colurs in Japan, from ordinary green to yellow, orange and shinny red, before falling off in the Winter. One of the representative cities in Japan to witness these vibrant Autumn colours or ‘Koyo’ viewing, is nowhere but Kyoto. Of all Koyo spots in Kyoto, Higashiyama district is among the top spot to start from, simply because of its scenic surrounding and greenery scattered with temples and shrines.

To celebrate the brilliant start of this year’s Autumn season in Japan, here I share a picture of Higashiyama district map that I snapped along my way up to Kiyomizutera temple last Autumn in Kyoto. Click the image to get to my Flickr album where you can view it in full and larger size. Follow the trail shown in the map will lead you through alleys full of koyo scenes and temples. The final destination of the trail is Kiyomizutera temple which is the highlight of the journey with magnificent Autumn colours on display, if the timing is right.

Hope it helps your planning to visit the breathtaking Autumn colours spots in Kyoto.


Here is an image of Autumn colour snapped along the Higashiyama walking trail. Wanna see the same in your next trip to Japan this Autumn? I will share more photos captured in the area in my future articles. For the time being, why not browse through my earlier stories on Japan travel Here, before finalizing your itinerary? – Travel Feeder

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