The Costa Rican Life: Exciting and Abundant Options for Ex-Pats

Costa Rican Life

Costa Rica is a prime destination for tourists and ex-pats alike, it’s a safe, eco-friendly country filled with plenty of outdoor activities, from beautiful beaches to friendly local people. But, there’s a lot to consider when you’re going from visiting a new country, to actually planning on moving there for the long term. For foreigners looking to move to Costa Rica for their Costa Rican Life, here’s a few destinations that could one day be called “home”.


The province of Guanacaste is the perfect area for those looking for beach proximity, but are relatively close to the creature comforts of modern life. Guanacaste is situated on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and features a dry, tropical climate. Perfect for the beach bums of the world, this scenic locale is a bit estranged from the rest of the country, having once been a part of Nicaragua.

Costa Rican Life in San Jose, Costa Rica, South America

San Jose

The Costa Rican capital offers plenty of access to all the usual urban amenities from shopping and fitness classes to a variety of great restaurants, bars and more. Most people arriving in Costa Rica come through San Jose, making this a bustling city. Located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, San Jose is only a couple hours from world-class beaches and features a consistently mild and dry climate most people will find to their liking.

But, it may be home to much higher real estate prices than you’ll find throughout the rest of the country. To get a sense of the pricing throughout the region, take a look at this guide to properties in Costa Rica.

The Central Valley

A good option for those looking to escape the bustling city life, while still maintaining relatively close proximity to all the urban amenities, the towns making up the central valley are a great compromise for those looking to strike a balance between city life and country living. Nestled amongst the forests, mountains and more, it’s easy to see why expats flock to this region.

The Costa Ballena

A region composed of three towns, Uvita, Dominical and Ojochal, The Costa Ballena is situated on the South Pacific coastline of Costa Rica. Each town has a different feel, but it’s easy for residents to bounce between the three. Get the best of shopping and dining in Uvita, then head to Dominical for charm and plenty of physical activity from surfing and hiking to relaxing yoga in a breathtaking setting. Ojochal, on the other hand, has become something of a culinary destination, so foodies, take note.

The Caribbean Coast

A diverse area along the Caribbean coastline, this region is home to a rich culture with people from all over the world, including China, Jamaica and more. You’ll frequently hear Caribbean English spoken, which may make this an attractive destination for English speakers from the US who haven’t quite mastered the Spanish language. The largest city in the region, Limon, features inner-city waterways for residents to navigate through the city and is close to jungles brimming with wildlife and beautiful beaches.

In the end, it can be challenging to pick up and move to another country. It’s good to be prepared, both financially, and from a planning perspective. – Travel Feeder

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