Travel photos guide to Cameron Highland, Malaysia

I went to Cameron Highland again last weekend for a family getaway with my children. This is my first time to visit the highland with my Nikon D7000 so I snapped some photos around the famous Malaysian travel destination to visit to share them here as a little photo guide. For other facts and my previous experience of Cameron Highland, check out Travel by photos to Cameron Highland. For other places to visit in Malaysia, check out these top 10 travel destinations of Malaysia.

tea farm at Cameron Highland3

Cameron Highland is located in Pahang state of Malaysia, some 200km north of Kuala Lumpur. To visit the highland township, travelers can catch a bus or van from major towns. The nearest town to get to the retreat from is Ipoh, which is just 2.5 hours away by bus. There are 2 access roads leading to the retreat from Tapah or Simpang Pulai interchange, which joins together to make a ring road.

Lata Iskandar waterfall1

If you drive from Tapah, the first sign of the retreat is Lata Iskandar waterfall. Before the Simpang Pulai access road was opened, this waterfall used to be visitors midpoint rest area before reaching the highland. There are also stalls selling souvenirs and foods along the tight winding premix road.

Lata Iskandar waterfall2

Further up from the waterfall would be the first township of Cameron highland called Ringlet. Visitors can stop here. Lakehouse is the most famous 5-star resort here. However, most visitors would drive further up the highland to the other 2 major township called Tanah Rata and Brinchang for more activities and cooler weather (in the region of 15°c – 22°c).

tea farm at Cameron Highland1

On your way up to Tanah Rata, which is 5km away from Ringlet, you can stop by the Cameron Valley tea plantation and its cafe to have a tea break.

tea farm at Cameron Highland2

If you fancy more on the ‘BOH’ tea brand, its plantation and visitor centre access is on the right hand side just before the Cameron Valley plantation. You need to drive further in from the access to reach its plantation.

vegetable farm at Cameron highland1

Tanah Rata is the old township of Cameron Highland at where the local authorities, hospital, banking service, bus station and public garden is. There are rows of shops offering local foods (mainly Malay and Indian foods) and Mary Brown fast brown in Tanah Rata. We stayed in Heritage Hotel here which is on top of a small hill overseeing the highland. However, if you are looking for other more attractive activities of the retreat such as strawberry plucking, cactus farming, vegetable farms, mountain hiking, butterfly viewing and more, Brinchang should be your next stop at 4km away up the highland.

Strawberry farm2

Strawberry farms are the most popular destination in Brinchang. A number of strawberry farms are located here where visitors can pay around RM20 per 500G per couple to pick and pluck their own strawberries. However, the size and quantity on offer depends whether it’s in raining seasons, when April and July are being the best time of the year.

Strawberry farm4

This is the look of a strawberry before turning red.

Strawberry farm5

During raining seasons, like the weekend I went to, you can hardly find anything in good size.

Strawberry farm6

A view at the strawberry farm. This is the visitor farm which is for public viewing and plucking purposes only while those big and nice strawberries on sale in the shop are plucked from their private farms elsewhere. The photo below shows what we got from the visitor centre, which are bigger and nicer than those plucked from the farm.

Strawberry farm7

As usual, we had our favourite steamboat dinner at one of the many Chinese restaurants in Brinchang after we had a day out to some other farms such as the vegetable farms, butterfly garden, cactus farms and floral garden. What made me love so much on steamboat in Cameron Highland is the vast varieties of fresh vegetable included in a portion of around RM15.00. Don’t forget to try the delicious local sweet corns selling at stalls along the roads. Off course visitors can buy some vegetable, potatoes or banana home which are one of the best in its kind.

tea farm at Cameron Highland4

For outdoor activities, visitors can also hike up the famous Brinchang mountain nearby. We spent 2 days in Cameron Highland before driving down to another family retreat of Pangkor Island in Lumut (the photo guide to Pangkor Island will come after this), via the other access road to Simpang Pulai interchange.

tea farm at Cameron Highland5

On the way down the highland, there is another Cameron Valley tea plantation and cafe at road side. We dropped by again to have another cup of the freshly brewed highland tea! 🙂 This is a smaller plantation where visitors can easily walk through the tea bushes and climbing up the hill for an aerial view by the wooden steps provided.

tea farm at Cameron Highland6

That’s it! These are some of the travel photos that I shot on my family getaway to Cameron Highland last weekend. Even though it was not the best time to visit the highland due to raining seasons, we still had a wonderful and refreshing trip up there. For nature lovers, Cameron Highland is indeed another great place to visit in Malaysia. The mild weather up there can also be a short relief from the hot and humid climate in Kuala Lumpur. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate photo travel guide to Europe

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