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Being one of the top 10 places to visit in Malaysia, Melaka or Malacca is one city you must not miss to go if you ever have the chance to visit Malaysia. At about 150 km south of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca is one of the 4 heritage sites of Malaysia inscribed by UNESCO. Featuring tremendous historical architectures and cultures inherited by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, Malacca is also a perfect destination for travel photography.

Spending a holiday in Malacca city centre is especially relaxing with a lot of fun. Most of the travel attractions in Malacca are concentrated in “Melaka Raya” or Malacca city centre. What you need to do is to  grab a camera in your hand and start strolling down streets after streets in the city and fire photo shots after shots.

Christ Church Melaka

First tourist spot to visit in Malacca is the red architecture of Stadthuys Square. It was constructed by Dutch in 1650 as residence of Governor with the Christ Church next to it, and is now the “Museum of History and Ethnography“. It’s best to capture the colourful buildings and fountain with the morning sun shining towards it.

St. Paul Church

Behind Stadthuys Square is the ruins of Fort A Famosa and the abandoned St. Paul church on top of St. Paul Hill, built by Portuguese nearly 500 years ago in 1511.

St. Francis Xavier HDR

Beside the church stands a statue built in 1952 to commemorate the famous spanish jesuit, the late  St. Francis Xavier.

Melaka trishaw

Hungry? Hire a special bicycle trishaw decorated with flowers to take you to Jonker Street not far away for the special chicken ball rice. After the lunch, take a slow walk down the Jonker Street which is also famous for its antique goods, souvenirs, local street foods, and beers at bars.

Melaka street view1

Take plenty of photos on Malacca’s heritage architecture as you walk. Also check out cultures and foods of the local Baba Nyonya community. Further down at Temple Street, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is one of the oldest functioning Buddha temples in Malaysia and grandest temple in Malacca.

When it comes to evening time, no better place to have a seafood dinner other than the Portuguese Settlement, especially grill fish at riverside. From there, you can experience the culmination of Portuguese culture in its full splendour and colours.

This would end a perfect getaway trip to Malacca with full colours. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate guide to Malaysia.

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