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South Korea ferry to Jeju capsized with hundreds of passengers missing: Another shocking news received this morning from Korea. A South Korea ferry
Travel snapshot – Dusking sky of Seoul: I love sunset. If you know me well or have followed this
Travel snapshot – Erotic Jeju Loveland of South Korea: While we are all emotionally drained by tragedies happened in the last

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Indulge yourselves in the beauty of Jersey island: Among the many hidden gems of Europe, Jersey Island is perhaps one
Lufthansa new direct flights from Malaysia to Europe: This is surely a good news to Malaysian travelers who have been
Last call for the cheapest air ticket to Europe from Malaysia: This is perhaps the best news of all this year. You can



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Airasia free seats promotion – Top 5 tips to grab the best deal If you haven’t read it so, the first Airasia Free Seats promotion of this year is currently running on their official website. There would be 2 free seats promotions offered
Top 5 Vegas Hotels at a glance Las Vegas is one of the most tourist-friendly places in the world with a huge variety of casinos to fit all budgets and tastes. Here are five of the
A Look Back at my Best Travel Stories in 2013 We set 5 travel habits to break this year a few days ago. Now we shall look back a little while at what had happened to this travel photo

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Dell S2340L IPS monitor is my latest LED screen
This is my snapshot image of Gwangalli Beach panorama
This is a panorama image of Busan train station
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