My stay in Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto Okazaki

I don’t normally blog on hotels that I stayed on travel. Though accommodations are important constituents of a great travel experience, choosing which hotels or guest houses to stay on travel would largely depends on one’s needs and preference, not to mention budget. Recommending a hotel that I feel is great does not actually reflect the same to others. This was what I thought.

That said, after my opinions being sought countless of times, I thought I could be wrong! For other travelers out there who haven’t been to the city, real reviews and actual photos by someone who had been and stayed there before, would be utmost useful for decision making. So I decided to pen my staying experience here, and its is one of the hotels that I stayed in Japan, the Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto Okazaki, in off course, Kyoto, Japan.

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto Okazaki

For those who are interested in booking this hotel, to cut it short, my recommendation is go ahead if the price is right to you. And since it is actually a love hotel, young couples would love it most!

If you wish to know more about Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto Okazaki and photos of it, please read on.

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Before anything else, let me explain what is actually a love hotel. Love hotels are love themed accommodations that provides both hourly stay and full board and lodging service. Rooms are usually spacious and with individual love theme and erotic lighting. Since there are various sexual elements featured in each room, such as condoms, vibrator, adult movie channels, their target customers are mainly couples, not families with children. They don’t normally have reception lobby nor common area, but only a small reception counter with a somehow hidden receptionist.

Love hotels are popular and was originated in Japan. You can find the same and are equally popular in Korea and Taiwan, albeit being referred as motels.

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Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki is located in Higashiyama ward of Sanjo dori. It is within 15-minute walk from the Heian Shrine to the north, and 20 minutes walk from downtown Gion or Shijo dori to the South. This love hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with 24-hour front desk and provides room service. Free Wi-Fi is available at the entire hotel.

There are 22 elegant and spacious rooms that feature earth colour tones, warm lighting and modern interiors. Each well-appointed room is equipped with a microwave, a refrigerator, tea and coffee making facilities, DVD player, sofa and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub. Rooms have erotic items and TV channels, and all rooms allow smoking. For convenience, the hotel has a drinks vending machine and provides ironing services upon request.

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki-3

The 22 Asian-feel rooms come in with individual design, size and features, as how love hotels normally provide. We stayed in Room 207, which is one of the larger rooms with massage chair. I would recommend to stay in one of these rooms: Room 102, 207, 301 and 305. Room 301 and 305 are the largest with dry sauna and steam room.

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki-5

King size bed is standard. This room features canopy on top.

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki-4

Each room feature a large 50″ flat panel LCD, broadcasting local TV programs and, without being able to show it here, showing 24-hours adult movies in 4 channels! Bravo to lovers, but not to families.

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki-2

Toiletries provided are more than what you could think of. This is Japan love hotel standard I would say.

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki-7

Jacuzzi bath is standard across room types. A little LCD is also there in the bathroom, showing programs parallely with the in-room large LCD TV. Erotic?

Hotel Grand Fine Kyoto-Okazaki-8

The address of the hotel is Sakyo-ku Awataguchi Torii 53-11, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Japan. I love its location since it is away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kyoto and Gion but near to various shrines and temples such as Heian Shrine, Shoren-in, Yasaka Castle, Chion-in temple and many others. Further away to the South is my favourite koyo spot of Kyoto, the Kiyomizu-dera temple, which is still reachable by foot.

Overnight rate starts from around US90 with in-room breakfast. To book it via which was how I got it, click Here.

Take a look at all rooms on its official Japanese website HERE. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your travel photo blog.

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