Travel snapshot- Love locks in Seoul at N-Seoul Tower

Love locks or padlocks scenes first started in Europe and are now getting popular in many countries around the world. They are also liked by travelers particularly young couples. Couples who are making pilgrimage to those love locks sites do believe that their love will go on forever by locking their loves with a padlock and throw away the keys. There are many love locks scenes around the world. When I was in Korea, I found one of this scene of love locks in Seoul.


There are thousands of love locks in Seoul at N-Seoul Tower. Some couples inscribed their names on the locks and others putting tags with the locks. When thousands of locks putting together, it became an attractive tourists spot where colourful padlocks and tags occupying the section of railing.

Other popular love locks scenes are found in Paris, Austria, Canada and others. Love locks in Seoul are found at the base of the iconic N-Seoul Tower in city centre of Seoul. If you are visiting Seoul, make sure to pay a visit to Namsan Hill near Myeongdong shopping district. N-Seoul tower is on top of Namsan Hill. Besides of escalating up to the tower top to oversee the Seoul city skyline, wandering the base of the tower including the terrace featuring this Love locks scene is a romantic experience for couples.

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These are some of the EXIF data of the photo:

Captured with Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 18-105mm lens attached. Photographed in Program Auto mode, with Shutter speed 1/50 sec. Aperture f3.5. Focus distance was set to 18mm. Auto ISO 1600. Auto White Balance. No flash fired and No exposure value being compensated with Matrix metering.

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