My Japan Travel Shopping List – G-Shock GAW-100B-1AJF

Despite only one single G-Shock model is mentioned here, I believe whoever traveling to Japan should consider buying at least one G-Shock from the Land Of The Rising Sun. Simply because Japan being the origin country of G-Shock, launched numerous JDM (Japan Domestic Market) G-Shock versions which you can’t get elsewhere, and are always cheaper!

Don’t be scared off from the list price you see on the official Japanese G-Shock website. You will get much cheaper from one of the Japan G-Shock authorized dealers found every cities. We bought them in BIC Camera. On top of being Tax Free for short stay tourists, they are running a Christmas promotion of additional 7% off their net price before tax!

G-Shock GAW-100B-1AJF


Ok. Let’s get back to business. I bought a G-Shock this time round in Japan. It’s model name is GAW-100B-1AJF. If you see it outside of Japan, especially South East Asia, it will carry a different model name called GAS-100B-1A.

What’s the difference between GAW/ GAS and 1A/1AJF? With a “S” in the model name indicating that particular G-Shock model is Solar powered with rechargeable battery. Whereas “W” symbolizing that model features additional “Multi Band 6 Wave Ceptor” Atomic Time keeping function on top of Tough solar.

If you are interested to know, “GA” means G-Shock with Analog hour and minute hands. The additional “JF” at the back of the model names should means Japan local version.


As this watch has negative display with light text on dark background, I love how its double LED illumination light up the 3 sub displays at night!

Multi Band 6 and Tough Solar

G-Shock GAW-100B-1AJF “Multi Band 6” version was launched in August 2017 in Japan. With the inclusion of Wave Ceptor function, this model is literally the same as G-Shock higher ranged G-Steel models. They are both functioning identically with similar sub display layout and interface. Price wise, GST models cost double of that GAW, mainly for its premier look with stainless steel casing and bracelet.

I like it for its modest outlook with all black design that similar to G-Shock Basic Black series models. Inside, the Module 5444 movement features “Tough Solar” with a rechargeable battery that powered up by sunlight. So I don’t have to change battery as frequent as other quartz watches.

On top of it, “Multi Band 6” receives radio wave signal from 6 dedicated broadcasting stations in Japan, China, US and Europe to update its time and date regularly. Whichever countries with different time zones you are traveling to, this watch will update itself to the local time! For those of us residing too far away to be able to receive signal from those Multi Band 6 broadcasting regions, an IOS or Android App called JJY Simulator will let this watch syncs manually with our mobile phones’ NTP time and date.

Other standard G-Shock functions include 200m water resistance, shock protection, world time, 5 alarms, auto illumination, count down timer, digital seconds display, stop watch, analog hands auto move away for easy digital dial viewing, and so on.

Being my travel gadget that requires high reliability in time keeping while fashionable, GAW-100B-1AJF certainly looks and feels tough to me. And it fits my budget too. What do you think? – Travel Feeder

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