Plan For An Unique Glamping Experience in Tuscany, Italy

With this new term being added in Oxford English Dictionary in year 2016, “Glamping” has become a growing new concept of holidaying in many countries. Adding a sense of glamour to the traditional camping means holiday-goers can now experience camping on a camping site, without worrying the absence of basic amenities such as electricity, water, and often Wi-Fi. Glamping sites, such as those provided by Glamping Hub as opposed to camping site, provides sharing amenities on site. This makes up a perfect environment for glampers to be able to enjoy nature as much as campers.

Unique Glamping Experience in Tuscany, Italy

Glamping in Tuscany

One superb destination for a glamping trip, is the Tuscan region of Italy.

While the region is famous for its Roman architecture, art, sculptures and heritage sites found in the cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa, Tuscany’s countryside is also renowned worldwide for its breathtaking landscapes, quality wineries and exciting outdoor activities.

Soaking Up Nature To The Fullest

Taking a day trip to the countryside is great way to have a small taste of all this region has offer. Nonetheless, nothing could be better than staying in one of the outdoor glamping tents or yurts set amid Tuscany’s magnificent rolling countryside, soaking up nature to the fullest.

Imagine the tent you are staying in is in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Glamping allow guests to getaway from all the hustle and bustle of other tourists packed cities, while enjoying listening to the natural melody of the birds, leaves and wind, breathing the freshest air!

Most importantly, the glamping concept provides travelers with many basic amenities that regular camping does not offer, such as water, electricity and Wi-Fi.

If you would like to combine this rural life with some cultural attractions, you can easily drive to the nearby cities of Florence, Siena and Arezzo. There they will be walking among medieval churches and picturesque streets, surrounded by some of the finest expressions of the Italian renaissance.

Moreover, glamping is not restricted to countryside alone. You can find places to glamping in Florence and Siena where local attractions are within walking distance. One major advantage of glamping over regular hotels is that it can lower the cost of accommodation drastically.

Glamping in Florence

I myself have had a fabulous glamping experience in Florence during my last trip to Europe! My glamping site has a wonderful panoramic view over Florence and I had a lot of fun sharing travel experience with fellow glampers.

The Advantage of Glamping

In summary, here are some advantages of the Glamping location I stayed in Tuscany:

  1. Guarded compound with high security to safeguard glampers.
  2. Provided amenities such as drinking water and shared bathroom to ensure sanitary facilities.
  3. Perfect surrounding landscape and fresh hilly weather.
  4. Tuck away from the beaten path of touristic cities.
  5. Enjoy the fun of camping with like minded travelers from all over the world.
  6. Greater experience at a fraction of the cost of staying in demanding cities.

The only downside? We had to fight against chilly Spring weather inside our tent at night! – Travel Feeder

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