Travel Snapshot – Lobster Display in Patong

Do you fancy eating lobster? A lot of people do and all of those many seafood restaurants in Patong are selling lobster. There are 2 types of lobster displayed for patron’s selection: dead or alive! Dead lobsters are off course much cheaper. Another factor deciding the selling price is the restaurant. Some are selling dead lobster for 180THB per 100 gram while some are offering 120THB per 100 gram.

Lobster display

This is a photo taken on the lobster display counter in front of Savoey (our Safari Beach Resorts‘ famous seafood restaurant). Look at the price tag. Dead lobsters are selling for 200THB per 100 gram! So 1 medium sized lobster should cost you around 2000THB or USD60! We didn’t try any there as we prefer eating prawns more than lobster. Do you fancy eating lobster? – Travel Feeder, the ultimate travel blog

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