Distraction is the way forward

Do you find yourself tapping your fingers and thinking ‘are we nearly there yet’ halfway through your flight to your travel destination? Do you become irritable and fidgety when you don’t seem to be moving fast enough? I think this describes most of us at some point during a journey!

The key to passing the time during a flight is distraction, as well as a bit of pre-planning and preparation.

Looking at how you get to the airport in the first place is a good place to start. If you’re adding extra hours onto an already tiring day by choosing a coach or train then you’re not going to be in the best of moods when you’re tired and grumpy halfway through the day! I always drive myself to the Gatwick airport and book my spot for parking at Gatwick with Airparks.co.uk. I find this great value for money and it really cuts out the extra hours and stress that public transport tends to bring on. Check out what’s available at your departure airport and see if you can save stress as well as money.

Waiting Hall (LGW)

The waiting around during a travel day is generally the worst part of it all, but again, distraction is your friend. Whilst at the airport, maybe go for a meal, wander around the shops, go for a drink, basically do anything but keep looking at your watch. Having said that however, do remember to check the screens regularly so you don’t miss your gate call!

Once you’re on board, this is where your pre-planning will come to fruition. I always find my iPhone 6 Plus is what gets me through a flight. I can play games, watch a film, listen to music, whatever I want to do, provided it’s fully charged up and waiting for me. It’s for that reason I would certainly suggest you buy a tablet of some kind and distract yourself that way! If you’re traveling with kids, this is also a great idea. If you’re struggling for charge on a long-haul flight, consider buying a mobile battery that you pre-charge before you leave the house, giving you an extra battery boost when the red light begins to flash!

If your airline has on-board entertainment, get involved! There are sometimes great films on offer, especially on transatlantic flights, so check out what’s on – there might be something you haven’t seen yet.

And a final note, whatever you do, never spend time looking at the in-flight map. I made this grave mistake on a flight to Orlando once, and I have never known time go so slow. You know the saying about a watched pot? Well it’s true, it never boils! – Travel Feeder

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