It’s time to plan and travel South again!

September is approaching. Summer is ending and Autumn is coming in Europe. Not too long away would be Winter again. Still remember the extreme cold and long Winter in London last year? What should we expect this year? I would hope everything will back to normal this Winter, and next Spring, and next Summer (by the time I would travel to Eastern Europe 🙂 ). Nonetheless, the safest bet for those who can’t stop traveling, in this second half of the year, would be traveling South. The Southern part of the globe is experiencing warm weather towards the end of the year. People from the North are traveling South to escape the freezing Winter.

Australian beach with red and yellow flag

Australia or New Zealand would be my favourite destination. It is now the best time to plan for your Australia tour. Sydney and Melbourne are 2 the largest and most popular cities in South Australia. These are areas where visitors from Europe come flocking in each year during Spring and Summer. There are a lot of things you can see and do in Australia which you can’t find it anywhere else of the world. From unique Australian wildlife such as Koala bears, Kangaroo and emu, to Big Things of Australia such as giant shrimp or big Pineapple model, to extreme sports of bungy jumping or scuba diving and snorkeling in Great Barrier Reefs. Not to mention the must visit travel sites of Harbour Bridge and Opera House of Sydney.

If you are planning to travel between cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold coast, you can also rent a car which is very popular in Australia and drive between 9-12 hours to travel from one city to another by using its well maintained motor highway.

Big Pineapple

Another option would be flying to New Zealand during this time. New Zealand is a country where cows and sheeps population is more than people and you can see farms and cows everywhere. Agricultural and dairy products are the main export goods in New Zealand. Huge farms and vineyard are unique attractions here. The local Kiwifruits which is claimed to be the best fruit on earth are being grown here. Besides that, outdoor and adventure activities such as Bungy Jump, sky diving, Fly-by-wire, River jet-boating, rock climbing, water rafting are all very popular and unique tourists’ attractions in New Zealand. So, it would be the best to plan your New Zealand holidays for this Spring and Summer to see and do all these attractons.

The most important reason for me to travel to Australia and New Zealand during Spring and Summer is the bright natural sunlight with clear blue sky for me to shoot beautiful travel photos. 🙂

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