Packing List – New TAG La Bluetooth Tracker for Travelers

There are indispensable things that any traveler should keep an eye on along their overseas trips. I had suggested the top 5 packing list items long ago which include passport, glasses, power adapter etc. Of all these items to be packed inside your luggage, there is now an additional little devise that comes in handy to safeguard all the above mentioned essential traveler’s stuffs. They called it TAG La, I call it the advanced Bluetooth tracker. What is it all about?

new TAG La

TAG La Bluetooth tracker

TAG La is a small square tag measuring 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.0 cm that comes with a nylon rope and key ring. Looking exactly like a key chain tag, it can be attached to keys, wallets, bags, phone, cameras or any other small objects that can hold key chains. Off course, you can simply put the tag inside your handbag, laptop and camera carrying bags.

What is amazing about TAG La tag is its Bluetooth connectivity, which enable it to be located using your mobile phone whenever it’s away from you! It is literally an item finder to travelers that able to locate your left behind crucial travelling items!

I’ve been using it for the last month by attaching to my keys. Once it’s connected to my iPhone, it notified me whenever I was away from my keys. I just need to tab the big icon on the installed IOS App, the device will beep continuously until you locate where it is!

On top of that, its works both ways! You can also press the button on the TAG La tag to wake your phone up with a sweet melody tune, if you tucked your phone under blanket!

New ‘Community Search’ function of new TAG La

It works impeccable within the standard Bluetooth connection range of 75 Feet. With the new ‘Community Search’ function of new TAG La, you can now help others find their lost items and enlist your community to help you find yours with mobile internet connection and GPS. All you have to do is to ask all your communities and friends to install the mobile App and open it in the background.

I found it to be extremely useful for travelers when all our important stuffs are close to us on the go. Once overlooked and leave important items behind, you will be notified immediately.

The battery embedded inside the device can last for more than 6 months.

Multiple TAG La’s attaching to keys, bags, cameras or even sun glasses are possible with the IOS App’s ability to connect up to 6 devices at one time!

The only concern is the connection cut off issues. If you did not realize you have left something behind with TAG La for a long time, it will be disconnected from your phone. That said, you can still locate where it was last seen by using the App!

For the little price you paid for a TAG La Bluetooth tracker, it is recommended for all travelers especially those who tends to lose their personal belonging easily on travels. Even though you are not one of them, it is still a great item finder that ensures you to have a total peace of mind holidays! – Travel Feeder

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