Prepare your camera for the upcoming Autumn colours in Japan

September each year marks the start of another peak travel season in Japan when tourists are coming in droves for the astonishing Autumn colours in Japan. Aggressive marketing from the Japan Tourism Organisation as well as countless recommendation and travel guides found online created by various travelers around the world who love Japan travel as much as me, are boosting the popularity of Japan travels to a new high each year. Not to mention the attractive air fares offered by budget airlines such as Airasia, who perfected my previous Japan travels twice in a year!

To welcome the Autumn colours season in Japan, here I’m sharing a few exciting photos taken during the season in Kyoto which have never been published before. It marks the start of my latest series of Japan travel stories in Autumn coming soon!


Autumn season in Kyoto is always as peaceful as you could expect from a serene Buddhist temple within a bustling city. Even though all travel destinations are packed with local and foreign crowds, tourists could always feel safe in them. The only catch is the shortage in hotel rooms where tourists have to face the tremendous price hikes during the season, especially Mid to end of November in Kyoto.

Kiyomizudera-mountain-view- Autumn colours in Japan

Once you have settled your accommodation and transportation before hand, everything else are just easy to adapt. First and foremost thing is to prepare your camera. There are simply too many interesting and beautiful scenes and things that make you press the shutter buttons! Do bring along sufficient memory cards and backup batteries for any day out. A rough guide by my experience, an average of 500 photos each day is not impossible.

Kiyomizudera- Autumn colours in Japan

The most popular and significant city for the Autumn Colour season is definitely Kyoto. To start off the Autumn Colour trail, follow my guide of the Higashiyama walking trail to reach the scenic Kiyomizudera temple. A guide of it will be shared here pretty shortly. First I share above two of the breathtaking views captured within the area.

Before that, you may love to view some of the Top Autumn colour photos on my Japan travel which I shared earlier on this travel blog.

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