Top 5 Items In Travelers Packing List

Come on friend, don’t scratch your head no more! I know many of us hope to have so many things to include in our list when we are packing our luggage before travelling especially to other countries. There are always more items in our packing list than the luggage space available. When the luggage is full, we just could not decide which are the more important stuffs to bring along and which to leave behind. While some are important, most of the items are redundant. These items in your packing list are preferred to be in your luggage but you won’t lose either your travel excitement without them. Only few of them are MUST-BRING-ALONG items in your packing list. Rules of thumb: Never overload your bagage, always leave at least 10% of your bagage space available. Who knows? You might need it later.

Because all of us like to travel light, we should, ideally, pack things that are necessary and could not be bought abroad. However, it would all be different story again if we are travelling with tight budget where we will need a large back pack to put as many things as possible to minimise spending during travel. TRAVEL TIPS: ALWAYS PUT PRIORITY ON ITEMS THAT COULD NOT BE BOUGHT WITH MONEY IN YOUR PACKING LIST. A bit Confused right? Don’t worry, relax! Let’s cool down a little with this example. Just imagine, what are the only 5 things you are going to bring along when you are catching a last minute flight after a last minute decision just to escape from your group of girlfriends!!

Whatever your budget of travel is, these top 5 things are the most critical and important items to be included in your packing list:-

  1. Passport and Visa – Many travelers took it for granted and always left it in their home. Very clearly that you can’t go anywhere else without it/them other than your home country;
  2. Basic First Aids Kit – You should bring some basic medicine along such as pills for headache, fever, sore throat and pain relieving oil. You are exposing to some very different environment, culture and weather in other countries and it is not unnormal to be sick. You will need some medicine which you may rather used to; Further to that, don’t forget to bring along your medical card if you have one;
  3. Emergency Contact Phone Number – Here I’m referring to contact numbers of family, credit card centre, medical card centre and air ticketing centre and so on. Normally you would have these numbers stored  in your mobile phone, BUT, you may choose to leave your phone at home, OR, your phone might be stolen or robbed together with your wallet with credit cards in it;
  4. A pair of glasses – If you are wearing contact lenses, make sure you also bring along your spare pair of glasses in case you have problems with lenses or your eyes, and
  5. Money, money, money – Or credit cards, preferably Prepaid Visa Cards. Incidentally, you forget to bring along some cloths or shoes and you would still be able to buy them at your vacation travel destination, unless the above Item 1-4.

You may have something else in your packing list but don’t forget these top 5 items. Once you have prepared a few times you would remember them as a habit. – Travel Feeder.

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