From Science to Art: 5 Places to Take Your Family in Chicago Where Fun and Learning Come Together

Being able to educate and entertain your kids in equal measure is always a good thing to try and do and when you are visiting a top destination like Chicago you will have plenty of opportunities to achieve that aim.

Here are some of the excellent educational places to take your kids to when you come to the city.

Chicago Field Museum 20140906

An impressive array of things to see and do

One of the most popular family attractions in the area is the Field Museum.

The museum hosts one of the best examples of a complete T-Rex skeleton that you can find anywhere and kids will love the chance to see “Sue” and appreciate the sheer scale of this impressive dinosaur.

There is a new creatures of light exhibition to enjoy also, along with a very cool glow-worm cave that is bound to be a talking point. With interactive features and games to try at the museum, you can be sure that your children will learn something and have a great time too.

Learn about the ocean’s creatures

Many kids also have a big fascination with creatures from the sea and the Shedd Aquarium is well worth a visit with tens of thousands of species to learn about and see.

Staying at somewhere like the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel will allow you the chance to explore the city and surrounding area and the Shedd Aquarium is definitely a must-see attraction for your list when you are planning your itinerary.

The aquarium sometimes has an awesome stingray exhibit on where there is a chance to touch them as they glide past you in the water and there are plenty of other displays that will hold their interest throughout the day.


Look at the night sky in a different way

Astronomy is also a popular subject with kids and the Adler Planetarium is well worth spending some time at during your time in Chicago.

There are a number of different shows to enjoy where the kids will learn about the solar system and the stars in a fun way.

You can combine a visit to Adler, Shedd, and the Field Museum for a reduced entrance fee, which is a saving worth having if you plan on visiting more than one of these top attractions.

I'm Sorry I Didn't Find You Sooner

Free to enter

An attraction that offers free entry is always going to be a winner when you are trying to entertain the family on a budget and the Lincoln Park Zoo is free to enter.

The zoo offers a wide variety of animals to enjoy and there is also the Treetop Canopy Climbing Adventure to help them let off some steam.

A world of learning

Last but not least on the list is the Museum of Science and Industry.

This is one of the largest science museums on the planet so you can be sure that there will be plenty of interesting things to see and do throughout the day, with loads of interactive exhibits and fascinating artifacts for the kids to see and learn about.

There is no question that fun and learning definitely combine perfectly when you visit these attractions in Chicago. – Travel Feeder

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