Travel Feeder Is Now A Google PageRank 4 Travel Blog!! How Often It Hits Google Frontpage In Search Results?

Mmm… may I congratulate myself? Yes! Well done Travel Feeder. After starting to blog about travel since almost a year ago (still a week to go before its birthday…), Travel Feeder has finally, though not ultimately, achieved another milestone, a Google PR4 status! What is actually PR4?

PR or Google Page Rank is an ranking index as part of the Google page rank technology to refer to search popularity of one website in Google environment. The PR ranking starts from zero (0) for fresh website, to the maximum of ten (10) for popular website in Google search result. The higher the PR index number is, the closer your website is positioned to Google front page of search result.

Off course, it is just a reference. A PR10 website doesn’t guarantee a page 1 hit on every google search, so the same for PR0. But how does PageRank4 means to Travel Feeder? I’ve done some search myself over keywords that would normally be the travellers’ favourites when they search for some travel information over Google. Here are some results on certain keywords that I’ve search to show how Travel Feeder performs in Google search with a PR4 status:-

  1. Top Travel Blog – Hit page 8 on item 74;
  2. Travel Camera – Hit page 5 on item 45;
  3. Top travel packing list – Hit page 6 on item 57;
  4. Perfect travel destination – Hit page 1 on item 2;
  5. Top 5 europe city – Hit page 1 on item 4;
  6. Top 5 China city – Hit page 1 on item 7;
  7. Travel with DSLR – Hit page 1 on item 2;
  8. Local food in Bali – Hit page 1 on item 5;
  9. Shanghai travel experience – Hit page 2 on item13;
  10. Bali travel experience – Hit page 2 on item 15;
  11. Top 5 travel – Hit page 2 on item 19;
  12. Top europe city-  Hit page 10 on item 96;
  13. Nikon D60 and Lumix FZ28 – Hit page 1 on item 1;
  14. Travel camera bag – Hit page 14 on item 140, and
  15. Travel Feeder – Hit page 1 on item 1

As one would expects, the results vary. Depending on the keyword or phrase, Travel Feeder could hit the Google 1st page to as low as Page 14! Forget about those general terms of travel, like “travel”, “travel tips”, “travel guides”, even if I search on those keywords, I will not see Travel Feeder in the top 100 at least. Well, nothing special, just to mark this  as a short term achievement of Travel Feeder, a Top 5’s Travel Blog. – Travel Feeder.

NEW: Sad to found out that TF has dropped back to PR3 as on 26th June 2009. I will work harder then…. 🙁

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