5 of the Best Self-Drive Holiday Ideas in Canada

Self-Drive Holiday

Self-Drive Holiday

One of the biggest benefits of taking self-drive holiday is that it they give you the opportunity to explore wherever you’re visiting at your own pace. If you’d like to linger a while at a great spot you come across, you can. Likewise, it means you can also rest or dine when you wish. One of the best destinations for taking self-drive adventures is Canada and if you’re lucky enough to be visiting the North American country soon then you may want to consider exploring it by car. The list of five of the best self-drive holiday routes in Canada below may just convince you!

Discovering Maritime Culture in Nova Scotia

One of the most breathtaking places for a self-drive holiday in Canada is Nova Scotia, along the country’s Atlantic coast. Not only do you get the opportunity to discover the maritime heritage of this amazing example of the beauty of eastern Canada, but there are plenty of worthwhile stops along the way. Starting off in Halifax, you can immerse yourself in the maritime culture and cuisine that is abundant in the area and explore its many natural wonders too.
Highlights include boating and hiking in Kejimkujik National Park, the beautiful shores on Bay of Fundy, and a host of heritage sites that encapsulate this idyllic part of the world.

Explore the Canadian Rockies

Stretching from Calgary to Vancouver, you’ll need at least a week to fully take in all the sights and activities that this self-drive holiday route has to offer. Available as you drive in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains range is everything from parasailing and helicopter rides to hot springs, nature hikes, boat rides and impressive waterfalls. Wine connoisseurs will find lots of vineyards to explore dotted around. In addition, with its abundance of lakes, valleys, mountains and the forests found throughout Banff National Park to explore, this route makes for a great self-drive holiday idea for the whole family.

National Parks in Western Canada

Canada is blessed with lots of natural beauty and landscapes none more so than in the west. If you’re considering a fly drive holiday to Canada then driving through the region will give you the opportunity to explore the various National Parks that are found here. Some of the highlights available include Okanagan Valley, the Coastal Mountains and Manning in addition to must-see parks such as Whistler, Jasper, and Banff National Park.

Bear and Whale-Watching on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, another part of Canada blessed with abundant natural beauty and wildlife. The gasp-inducing visuals here include sightings of whales, grizzly bears, and soaring eagles. You could consider starting in Victoria and then heading towards Vancouver, and If you love the self-dictated pace of driving holidays then this route will definitely be one for you.

Exploring Yukon and Alaska by Car

If you’re a mountain lover or prefer your adventures in slightly more remote areas, then you may want to consider exploring Alaska and Yukon by car. Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are all available in settings such as the stunning Kluane National Park that are located just a short distance away from the Arctic Circle. There are also lots of other outdoor activities available in the area including the amazing sights afforded by taking a unique rail journey up the mountain for breathtaking scenic views.

Self-drive holidays have an indisputable advantage when it comes to affording you the time to experience and explore any place that you’re visiting. And if that place happens to be Canada, then the five self-drive holiday ideas above may just be the best place to start! – Travel Feeder

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