Travel By Photo – Fascinating Krabi Island Hopping Trip

It has been a while since I last did an island hopping trip. The last trip was in Pulau Langkawi when we celebrated new year early this year. Before it was my another island hopping tour in Pulau Redang. Way before it was another trip in Phuket of Thailand. This time round we flew to the opposite side of Phuket, and guess what? It is Krabi! I just love islands!

Island Hopping photo#5

Phuket and Krabi are both facing the Andaman Sea in the South Eastern region of Thailand. Many small islands are dotted between them. Among others, Phi Phi Island is the largest and most famous touristic destination, while Krabi is the rising star to me.

Krabi is less popular but also less crowded than Phuket. It features scenic karst peaks rising dramatically above the aquamarine Andaman Sea, and beautiful white sand beaches tucked away on hidden islands and peninsulas. It also shares as an island hopping base with Phuket where tourists can hop island after island in the same Andaman Sea area.

Krabi Island Hopping tour

Island Hopping photo#7

We explored Koh Phi Phi on our previous Phuket tour. So we decided to hop other smaller islands in the region. One of the popular island hopping packages is the Krabi 4 Island Day Tour. I booked through KLOOK before departing to Krabi which cost us USD15 only (National park tickets of THB400 for adult has to be paid on the tour day at entrance). Travel Tips: It is advisable to book your day tour trip online via a reputable travel website, especially when you’ve never been there before. The advantages of booking online includes fair pricing, saving time and peace of mind on travel without fearing fall into any scam or hoaxes.

Island Hopping photo#3

The 4 Islands Tour is a Krabi classic 7 hour day tour. Starting from the boat quay in Ao Nang beach at 9AM, long tail boats took us to some of the Krabi’s most iconic landmarks. We visited Koh Gai, aka the Chicken Island, noted for its peculiar-shaped mountain top. Snorkel in crystal clear turquoise waters of Koh Poda and don’t forget to snap a photo with the background of its famous rock featured on travel postcards and tourist brochures. During low tide in the morning, we got to walk the narrow strap of sands connecting the tiny islands of Koh Mor and Koh Tub. With transportation and lunch taken care of, all we had left to do is relax and take in all the stunning views of Krabi.

Koh Mor and Koh Tub

Island Hopping photo#2

Our first stop was Koh Tub. It was amazing when we could walk on the narrow strap of sand linking 2 islands of Koh Tub and Koh Mor. On the Koh Tub beach, tourists could explore the little island on foot or just sit back and relax. The water is so clear that I can see fish swimming around me in the sea! From the picture above, can spot the mountain range in the background? It is Phuket!

Island Hopping photo#6

A short throw from Koh Tub, we could see the popular Koh Gai, or Chicken Island, one of Krabi’s most popular landmarks. As the name implies, there is the chicken head and neck as shown in the picture!

Island Hopping photo#8

The next stop was another swimming session on another great seaside of Koh Poda. Tourists could take beautiful photos effortlessly with the background of the famous tall rock. Lunch box and fruits were served on the beach, albeit not with full variety.

Island Hopping photo#9

Phra Nang Cave beach

After the lunch, we had the chance to snorkel around the island, pressing luck to see the much disturbed coral in the region (which our Pulau Redang has been doing better in preserving it). During the season when we were there in June, we had to watch out for jellyfish which was seen everywhere.

The last stop of our excursion was Phra Nang Cave beach. People are seen practising rock climbing here. Tourist are exploring the little cave on the beach to find out its secret. Off course, swimming is the best activities here. For me, taking photos of the beach and seaside cave could never go wrong! Travel tips: Wear sunglasses and sunscreen, bring your own towels, normal swimwear and optionally a cap.

We arrived back at our hotel in Aonang at around 4PM. Pick up from and transfer back to hotels in the area is included in the tour! What a great value tour that anyone must do in Krabi!

There are many other things to do in Krabi that makes it the perfect escape from the cold winter this 2016-2017 holiday season! Stay watching this blog to find out more on my stories in Krabi. – Travel Feeder

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