Travel snapshot- Koh Tup Island Beautiful Seashore in Thailand

Whenever you hear Koh something, it means island in Thai. So when I mention Koh Tup, it refers to Tub Island in Southern Thailand region of Krabi. Koh Tup is one of the smaller islands of the Koh Poda archipelago, located just south west offshore of the popular AoNang beach of Krabi. I was lucky to have joined the island hopping tour on my Krabi travel, which brought me to this beautiful seashore in Thailand.

Koh Tup Island

Koh Tup - Island Hopping photo#4

Tup Island has a stunning beach and the turquoise coloured waters that surround it provide an excellent spot for photo taking. I grabbed up my Nikon, stood in the sea, and pressed the shutter down in split second.

I was amazed by how clear the sea water is and how its rocky seashore present a perspective where you can oversee all other islands of the archipelago, connecting each other with the beautiful Andaman Sea water, and extends upward to the blue sky.

In this photo, there are only 3 main colour elements, blue, green and brown, which literally are the most important colours of all great seaside photos.

With the help of my ultra wide angle lens, the photo just popped out!

I love it very much. Please comment below if you like it too. Make sure you stay watching this travel blog as my story on island hopping tour in Krabi is coming up next! – Travel Feeder

The above Photo is captured with Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 10-24mm ultra wide angle lens attached. Photographed in Program Auto mode, with Shutter speed 1/320 sec. Aperture f9.0. Focus distance was set to 10mm. ISO 100. Auto White Balance. No flash fired and no exposure value being compensated with Matrix metering. This photo was post processed with Adobe Photoshop Element. View the full size photo in my Flickr albums.

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