Travel Photos – Halloween Party Night at Legoland Malaysia Resort

Well, remember I told you before that we planned to celebrate Halloween in Legoland? There we did! Here are some of the exciting travel photos I managed to take (while having crazy, scary but warmly family party) at our Halloween party night recently. Coincidentally, Halloween falls on the same weekend this year as of Deepavali long weekend in Malaysia, so this double celebration is surely something tempting us to hit the road!

Halloween Party Night

Halloween party night at Legoland -4

Right after checking into the Legoland Hotel, we popped into the theme park where the Halloween party night held. First of all, a large Lord Vampyre Lego figurine welcomed us at the entrance.

Halloween party night at Legoland -1

The Legoland theme park was decorated with Jack-o’-lanterns everywhere and this made perfect sense. It’s Halloween party night!

Halloween party night at Legoland -10

Halloween Brick-Or-Treat is the theme for Halloween party at Legoland Malaysia Resort this year. Therefore, participants would find lots of Lego bricks and free treats everywhere in the theme park.

Halloween party night at Legoland -2

Brick-or-Treat trail

The party started from 4pm onward until 9pm at night, which is extended from the usual closing hour of 7pm. Therefore, mainly family crowds who bought the party ticket were seen enjoying the party in Legoland theme park. The atmosphere is rather cheerful with lots of booths and events set up mainly for… children, off course. We as parents felt the joy as well. We joined the Brick-or-Treat trail to collect stamps and souvenirs from the 10 tiny booths set up around the park.  Halloween roving characters were wardens of the booths and seemed like guiding us along our trail to and from the Lego Kingdom.

Halloween party night at Legoland -7

Later on at the Lego Kingdom, we caught the Halloween Show ‘Monster Catcher Mayhem’ at Castle Stage. Occasionally, children were invited up stage to join the action in some ways, and finally, audiences were asked to dance together with the monsters!

Halloween party night at Legoland -8

Dare to take the ride?

Halloween party night at Legoland -12

Under the “moon”, we saw wolf figurine created by Lego bricks. What a Lively creation!

Halloween party night at Legoland -13

The Halloween party night was a great photo taking opportunity for me, thanks to with the perfect setting with Jack-o’-lanterns, ghost costumes, hair-raising lighting colours and moonlighting. I personally love this shot very much!

Halloween party night at Legoland -14

At the end of the party

At the end of our Halloween party night, we left the park joyfully but reluctantly, seemed like never enough and wished to come back again! Luckily, we had a 2-day combo with a night stay in Legoland Hotel, we actually went back to the party on the next evening! 🙂 – Travel Feeder

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