Rich Culture, Cheap Food: Great Destinations For Budget Conscious Traveler

Destinations For Budget Conscious Traveler

Even if you have a debt to pay, or are dreaming of travel on a limited budget, there are still a lot of options available to you regarding destinations. Paying off that student loan, enjoying a honeymoon, or taking a few months off after graduation is still possible.

Thanks to modern conveniences like travel apps, real-time booking, online deals, even the most exotic and glamorous destinations have a place for the budget conscious traveler. And if you have any student debts or high-interest credit cards that are crimping your style, check out for specialist information on shaking it them off and start traveling.

So where to go?

South of the Border

A consistent entry on the budget travel list, Mexico is big enough and cheap enough to welcome travelers of all income levels. Food is fresh, spicy, and plentiful, whether it’s mangoes fresh off the tree or grilled delights from a taco truck. Even transportation won’t make a big dent in those finances and given the specials and seat sales during certain times of the year, you always have the luxury of choice. Continue your journey south to other budget hotspots like Guatemala, which combines an eternally temperate climate with an array of historic and natural wonders, or turn to the Caribbean Sea and budget destinations that include Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

The secret is out about the Caribbean, that it doesn’t have to be expensive. A region that was previously known as a glitzy vacation spot is emerging as a favourite among backpackers. Other options in this region include Belize and Costa Rica, the latter which has become a trendy place for outdoor festivals like Envision.

Budget Conscious Traveler to Seoul

The Last Iron Curtain

Squeezed between notoriously expensive Japan and a looming North Korea, the southern half of the peninsula often gets overlooked. South Korean cities like Seoul and Busan have all the glitz and modern charm of ultra-modern cities without the prices. Korean street food comes in many cheap and delicious varieties, and even sit-down meals in finer establishments rarely get more expensive than $30 a person. Contrast this with some stunning temples and natural preserves that are often within or only steps away from the city. There aren’t too many hostels in the country, but many bathhouses that are open 24 hours offer a cheap place to sleep for very little, and hotels often make special offers.

The South Asian Triangle

Thailand is still a budget traveler’s paradise, and even Bangkok still retains a few economical places for food, lodging, and drink. The neighboring nations of Myanmar and Cambodia are emerging to take their own places on the list. Recently referred to as Burma, food and basic accommodation in Myanmar are still relatively cheap and the local currency has a high exchange rate. Like Cambodia, Myanmar has a long and ancient tradition and many ruins and monuments to prove it. Be advised, the visa you need to get into the country takes about 24 hours to get and is relatively cheap. Any Burmese Embassy outside of the country can issue you one.

Let your imagination run wild, well beyond past just these few suggestions, as virtually every corner of the earth is accessible to the traveler on a tight budget. You can still pay off the loan, get a mortgage, or take that much-needed vacation virtually anywhere in the world. Choose your destination and enjoy yourself. – Travel Feeder

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