My iPhone X Travel Photos During Winter Time in Japan

As promised earlier on in my brief review of iPhone X as my travel buddy, here are some of the exciting iPhone X travel photos taken along my recent Winter tour to Japan. Since I went to Japan in late November until early December, these photos encompassed both scenes in late Autumn as well as early Winter of Japan.

Dotonbori Osaka

All these photos being shared here are straight out of iPhone X camera without any post processing in any PS software. Off course, copyright texts were added later with PS Elements 8.

iPhone X Travel Photos in Japan

Inari Train Station

I was thrilled by how good those photos were shown on my calibrated DELL PC monitor. iPhone X was able to capture travel scenes effortlessly with rich colours, great dynamic range, superb sharpness and accurate colour temperature. By and large, what I saw with my naked eyes is what you can see now in a well calibrated display.

Daibutsu Kamakura

Its 12MP sensor is reasonably large for travel photos to share with families, friends and online. It also features a super fast f1.8 lens which shoots photos at ISO 16 lowest. This is great news for small sensor camera where day shots will look noiseless and night shots will appear brighter and less washed out.

kiyomizudera kyoto

Suffice to say that iPhone X could be your only photo taking device on your travel. I can assure this after I brought my Nikon D7000 DSLR along to Japan and took the same photos with both of them. From my finding, being a travel camera, iPhone X is marginally more superior to my DSLR in a number of aspects.

iPhone X is marginally more superior to my DSLR

IPhone X is light in weight and small in size if compared with my Nikon D7000. It slides into my pocket effortlessly without having to lug my Think Tank camera bag along which weighs around 4KG with all camera gears in!

Potrait Mode

It takes marvellous travel photos with its dual 4mm and 6mm focal length (28mm and 56mm equivalent in 35mm format) lenses. 28mm lens is perfect for snapshots and 56mm is useful for telephoto shots. Combining these with optical stabilization means you can snap night shots easily.

Shinsaibashi Osaka

Its photos are Geotag embedded and ready to share online. My D7000 needs a WiFi adapter for Geotag function and it could only send photos to my iPhone or iPad for sharing online.

Mount Fuji

This is a snapshot of Mount Fuji captured in a fast running train. Shot in 1/1116 seconds with f2.4 aperture means iPhone X is capable in sport shooting.

It saves me a lot of times in blogging!

Most importantly, it saves me a lot of times in blogging! I don’t need to wait until I get back to my desktop to PS my photos before posting online as they all look great straight out of camera (iPhone X)!

Takoyaki kiosk

iPhone X 5.8” OLED display is simply the best asset to review my photos with its natural colour reproduction without over saturated. This is critical to me as I always want all my photos look great in most other desktop and mobile screens. No other phone display could ensure this.

Nagoya Tower

With subscription of 50GB iCloud storage, I can instantly backup my precious photos to the cloud! I don’t have to transfer my photos from SD cards to laptop after shooting each day which saves my laptop flashdrive space.

Moreover, I have 256Gb of storage in your hand! While backing them up to iCloud, I can safely store all my original photos in my iPhone!

Musoshin Ramen Kyoto

Another bonus as a Flickr member, through its IOS App, I can easily upload these travel shots to store it in the cloud or share them online.

With the iPhone X, I can save my luggage space and weight by leaving both my hefty DSLR with lenses, as well as my laptop behind!

Autumn color Kyoto

What are the downsides?

What are the downsides? The only less impressive thing of the iPhone X that I can think of is its lacking in full manual control of its camera function. There are special effect shots could not be done by iPhone X, albeit 95% of us don’t take those shots regularly. Special effect shots such as sun star shots, super long exposure night shots, light trailing and etc, are still exclusive to DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

I love these iPhone X travel photos taken on my Japan tour lately! How about you? – Travel Feeder

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