My Latest Travel Gadget – The Silver iPhone X Quick Review

Time for a change! My iPhone 6 Plus served me fantastically well for over 3 years. That said, we can’t stop the world from moving forward. Even faster than we could imagine is the technology advancement. For the last 3 years, technological innovations have brought us tonnes of new features on mobile devices. In order to live up to our daily challenges in works, we have to admit that upgrading ourselves regularly is needed. Off course, we need to upgrade our stressful work horse too! A phone born in 3 years ago could no longer cope with our working demand now! So I have changed. Since Apple radically changed the form factor of iPhone at last after 3 years, I willingly dumped my iPhone 6 Plus for this latest iPhone X (or 10).

My Silver 256GB iPhone X Quick Review

My new iPhone X image 2

Just in time to get hold of it before me flying off to Japan in a few days, iPhone X is now my latest travel companion cum gadget! While it is still fresh in my hands for me to conclude anything, I will briefly talk about my first impression on iPhone X here, at least in the context of travel.

First is its design. Combining the Apple typical stylish design emphasizing simplicity with quality material and perfect fit and finish, iPhone is always the best looker since the first iPhone 10 years ago. iPhone X is no difference. I can feel it in my hand. Glass front and back with strip of glossy stainless steel stripe in between, it reminds me how the iPhone 4 stole my heart 7 years ago. I chose the silver color iPhone X simply because it looks white to me. And I still love my iPhone 4s in white!

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Next is its size. Screen size and phone size. My iPhone 6 Plus has the perfect screen size to me but it was huge in my small palm. iPhone X struck the sweet spot! Thanks to its new and unprecedented full edge to edge screen design, it can now fit in the 2436 by 1125 pixels OLED panel without sacrificing phone size! So iPhone X is smaller than iPhone 6 Plus (includes 6s Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus off course) but featuring a larger 19:9 screen! After using it for a few days, I found operating it single-handedly is easy and possible!

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Impressive All Round Performance

Regarding the picture quality of its OLED screen, I have some reservation though. No doubt OLED is the best screen panel option for TV. I love its perfect contrast and dynamic range as a TV screen, mainly because we sit mostly in front of our TV. Nevertheless, when it is used as a mobile phone screen, the issue arises. We often work with our phone from an angle, partly due to its small size if compared to 65″ TV. Due to the nature of OLED panel, I can see a slight blue tint when I view at my iPhone X off angle! This makes my photo looks cooler than it should and it affects my photo editing result. Though it is not as severe as any Samsung Galaxy’s green tint, I still don’t find it favourable. Until further explore, I still missed my aged iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen!

When it comes to performance, it is brilliantly quick and smooth! The new Face ID that reads my face texture to unlock the phone adds scores to its performance. Hold my iPhone X up and a swipe up takes me to the Home screen almost instantly! The best part of it is its ability to hide all notification details from others until I personally look at it! Perfect! Off course, I’m still familiarizing myself operating it without the long last home button which exists since the first iPhone! After a few days usage, swiping up and around the screen is not a bad experience at all. It is easy and fast albeit not as intuitive as a Home button which I can press it without actually looking at it!

iPhone X is my working tool on travel

More on it performance, iPhone X is the fastest iPhone thus far, and it serves me perfectly in all my works on travel. From blogging, editing photos on travel, and searching anything online, all are done in a blink of an eye! Further experiencing it on my upcoming Japan travel will tell me more.

Lastly, being an Hi-Fi enthusiast, iPhone X internal stereo speakers unexpectedly surprised me! An iPhone can finally play music with some bass weight! It can also play loud with clear vocal. Until it is fully run in, I’m quite impressed with its sound quality.

Did I miss out the iPhone X photo taking quality review? Don’t worry. I will use it extensively on my Japan travel next. Come back later for my review, with some Autumn colors in Japan off course! See ya! – Travel Feeder

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