Getting away from Bali’s beaches

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Bali is one of the world’s most popular destinations for a beach holiday and although this Indonesian island, one of around 18,000, offers plenty of options for sunbathing by the sea, it also has plenty more to offer.

Gitgit Waterfall: As well as the beautiful water surrounding the island, Bali has its share of pleasant waterways within as well. The Gitgit Waterfall, although it sounds like it was named by an angry man with a stutter, offers one of the most relaxing and refreshing nature spots on the island. The falls are visited by locals as well as tourists who are happy to make the 10km trip south from Singaraja.

This spot is ideal for lazing around, photography or swimming in non-chlorinated waters without the hassle of cleansing yourself from an abundance of salt.

Botanical gardens: The idea of going to Bali is to have a relaxing break but sitting on a beach all day can get a bit tiresome. To change things up, without getting too energetic, many opt to stroll around the island’s botanical gardens. Nature lovers flock to see the vast array of plants, with more than 2000 specimens from across the globe on display.

Safari and marine park: If you’re into nature but more interested in animals than plants, Bali has that covered too. Its safari and marine park has hundreds of animals from more than 50 different species, including some endangered ones. Although you might not think it, Bali has the space to house elephants, tigers, leopards and cheetahs, as well as some animals such as the Komodo dragon which requires a lot less room to live. The park holds animal shows to teach visitors about the animals beyond the small plaque by each enclosure.

Tanah Lot Temple: Bali isn’t all about nature and history lovers will find plenty to explore during their stay. The Tanah Lot Temple is a favourite of many, dating back to the 15th century. It is one of seven sea temples, each built on a rock completely surrounded by sea and provides impressive pictures at dusk and dawn. Snakes live at the base of the temple’s rock, some poisonous, and these are prominent in folklore as guardians against intruders and bad spirits.

Every year thousands of people book cheap flights to Bali to make the most of the sun-drenched island, whether it’s to make the most of the beaches or to take in all the island has to offer. After all, there’s no reason why you can’t head to the beach after you’ve seen the other island attractions. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate photo travel guide to Europe

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