Top 5 Crazy Activities an Outdoor Passionate Should Do at Least Once

Crazy outdoor activities

We all love the outdoors. Camping, hiking, and backpacking can be fun and a great way to bond with nature and test our strength. But do you ever want something more? Do you want your heart to pound with a thrilling outdoor adventure? In this article, we are going to give you 5 crazy outdoor activities you can do that will make your heart race and be something you will never forget!

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Volcano Boarding

Also known as ash boarding, this thrilling sport involves going down the slopes of a volcano on a board by sitting or standing. The most popular place in which to volcano board, is the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua. This is also an active volcano! However, volcano boarding can take place on dormant volcanoes as well.

If you do plan to go to Nicaragua to volcano board, you will have to hike an hour up to the volcano itself. Then you will get ready to travel down the volcano in under 3 minutes, going down nearly 2,400 feet.

You can reach high speeds like a car driving down the street, which can be dangerous, so you need to be protected with the proper clothing, as well as a helmet. Rocks can kick up and hurt you, so you must be aware of the dangers. You are going down a volcano, after all!

In most cases, if you want to participate in this sport, it won’t cost you more than $30 per person. You can bring your own board, and some places do supply boards as well. Of course, you should document every step of this fantastic adventure which is why you should consider getting a Go Pro or a drone that has a Go Pro and follows your every move. If your heart is set on the drone, you can read more here.


Mountaineering, also known as mountain climbing, will definitely test your limits as you climb up mountains and navigate through rocks, ice, and anything that comes your way. It is not a fast sport. You will want to take your time and be absolutely prepared for this. For this reason, you can use the best camping hatchet for the money, which can get you out of some hard situations.

Be aware that mountaineering is dangerous and you can find yourself facing an avalanche, falling rocks of all sizes, and falling ice. However, when you are climbing a mountain or even a volcano, you will see sights that not many see, with beautiful scenery and wildlife around you.

When you get to the apex of whatever you are climbing, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that you undertook such a feat and succeeded!

Storm Chasing

If you are looking for a fast thrill ride, then you may want to consider storm chasing. This is the act of following a harsh weather condition, for any reason. Many people chase storms for science, but a lot of them chase for the fun of it.

From tornadoes and lightning to cloud structures and tropical cyclones, following bad weather is the name of the game. Many storm chasers have a technique that will help them identify and find bad weather and then hunt it down, which generally involves using many sources on impending weather.

The best time of the year to storm chase is in May and June, and the best place to do so is Tornado Alley, the area of the Great Plains because of the land there. Super cells are common in this area and the atmosphere allows for more storms in this area.

While storm chasing originated in the United States, storm chasing has caught on in places like Australia, United Kingdom, Spain and France. However, it is not without its danger. Obviously, bad weather can mean flooding, downed power lines, fallen trees, and more. You can easily get caught up in this and get into an accident and get hurt. Severe winds can knock things over, and tornadoes can pick up cars and even mobile homes. You should always have a plan to escape and be safe while chasing the storm by keeping your distance and always letting someone know your location.

Zip Lining

Zip lining is an exciting outdoor activity that will make the wind fly through your hair. It involves using a pulley and cable system and using a line that goes from one point to another. Children and adults can do this, as you wear a safety harness and helmet to zip through high or low areas.

Many people have done zip lining tours, and there are tours in remote areas as well as big cities, like Las Vegas. You can zip line through the forest, taking in an amazing view in the most popular zip lining places like Costa Rice, Nicaragua and Florida.

Are you very daring? Take the world’s steepest zip line in Slovenia that has a 663 foot vertical drop!


Caving is a fun activity that allows you to move through a natural cave, without damaging the cave in any manner. Don’t forget your headlamp, as these caves are very dark and you won’t be able to see much. You will have to squeeze through areas of caves and be aware of any hazards, such as water.

You will need equipment for this, so besides a headlamp, you need a hard hat, a wet suit, or light clothing if you are in a dry cave.

Not only will you see stunning caves, but you can see the rocks inside as well as minerals and calcite which can make for some pretty colors. Bring your camera or GoPro, as this is something you will want to look back on!


We hope you have found these crazy outdoor activities enticing enough to try out! Why not test your limits as you chase a storm or explore a giant, beautiful cave, or test your limits on an active volcano? These activities are definitely exciting and not your run of the mill outdoor activity. If you are an adrenaline junkie and this doesn’t satisfy your hunger for adventure you can read more about Travel destinations for adventure junkies on savvyexpeditioner.

Are you ready to for a heart pounding thrill ride now? Start planning your next adventure by starting with the 5 activities we have mentioned! – Travel Feeder

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