Canada – The hidden gem in America

Canada is truly the hidden gem in America. With its strategic geographical location in Northern Hemisphere, Canada has all types of attractions any traveler can ever think of. United States of America may appears to be more popular among travelers, but if you travel further up to the north, you will be amazed by how high the standard of quality of travel destinations Canada has to offer.

For nature lovers, there are endless breathtaking landscapes and wildlife in Canada. If you think Japan has the most beautiful Autumn colour scene to inspire during Autumn, Canada is perhaps the second best destination to witness this seasonal gem. Energetic travelers could either hike up the steep rocky mountains for picturesque scenes such as the dramatic Hubbard Glacier or cruising out to the sea to view whales breaking the surface water.

Niagara Falls

(photo of Niagara Falls by courtesy of Warner Hocker’s collection in Flickr) 

No visit to Canada would complete without going to one of the highly frequented tourist attractions, the Niagara Falls, which attracts over 20 million visitors each year. Being the capital city of romance in Canada, the giant waterfalls have been regarded as one of the most romantic sites for lovers and couples. Tourism facilities such as hotels, shopping, casinos, nightlife, theme parks and golf courses are mushrooming in the region and spending a couple of nights in Niagara Falls is surely an unforgettable experience. Among those many hotels in the region, Marriott shines with its close proximity to Niagara Fall and is one of the best accommodation choices.

If you are thirsty travelers looking for nightlife and drinking session, Canada has no short of of them. Local beers such as Molson’s and Labatt’s are widely available in supermarket and drinking holes that frequented by locals and travelers across the country. Major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa have happening nightlife.

What about shopping and dining experience long after by those craving for foods and fashion? Eventhough Canada is not particularly well known for its fashion and foods, travelers still enjoy their shopping and dining experience in Canada as the price here are generally cheaper than those neighboring Northern American countries.

If you are travel photographers who love the iconic European architecture, Canada is one of the country that under British sovereignty many years ago and it’s still lots of historic sites where travelers could spot the European heritage across the nation especially the Quebec City and Montreal.

Traveling Canada can be done by using roads, trains, flights and cruise, though long distances between cities could be problems sometimes if you have limited travel period. If you find planning a trip to this world’s second largest country tricky, Holidaymakers such as My Canada Trips have various holidays and tours packages that suit all types of travelers. Let’s go Canada! 🙂 – Travel Feeder, the ultimate travel photo blog

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