Why You Should Travel To Experience Different Coffees From Around the World

Life is short and it’s important that you do everything you can while you can and this includes travelling. While it may seem difficult and time-consuming you will have no regrets. It will give you the opportunity to see different sights around the world while experiencing new things too.

One thing that you should try whilst on your travels is the different coffees that come from around the world. But you may be wondering why you should do this, here’s why.

Different Coffees From Around the World

It Can Be Educational

You can learn a lot by trying different things and that’s never been so true than with coffee. Each type is made in a completely different way and will ultimately taste unique. With that in mind, you will not only be able to learn about the different coffees but also the different people that have brought it to you.

Of course, you can learn about coffee from the comfort of your home but that’s not the same. It is boring and you may read it and forget the information almost immediately because you don’t have a great memory to pair with this information.

It’s New and Different

It is okay to enjoy your daily routine and your daily cup of coffee but it can be extremely boring and it’s often nice to make a change in your day to day life. By travelling you will be able to get out of your everyday routine and enjoy some much needed time away.

However, not only will you be able to enjoy a break from day to day life but you will also be able to enjoy one of your favourite beverages in various different ways. Who knows you might find a coffee that’s better than your own, trade in your old store bought coffee for some Jamaican blue mountain coffee pods.

You Will See How It’s Made

The most interesting part of your trip might be that you will be able to see first-hand how the coffee you love and drink daily is made. Of course, you probably know where it comes from but actually witnessing the work that goes into making your coffee could leave you with a greater appreciation for it.

If you’re travelling to various places you may also get to see how different cultures make different coffee. Who knows after you see the work that’s put in you might decide to give up your job at home for a life of coffee making.

Traveling for Different Coffees Around the World

Top Places to Travel for Coffee

If you’ve decided that travelling is for you and that you want to learn more about where your coffee comes from then here are some of the top places to visit.

Italy – Italy is the known location for the expresso and cappuccino, so why not travel there and see how the Italians perfect their coffee?

Tanzania – Hundreds of coffee plantations are located in Tanzania, not only would you get to experience first-hand how it’s picked but also the conditions in which it’s grown.

Colombia – As Colombia has various climates, coffee is able to be harvested all year round, so you can travel here at any point and see how coffee is made.

Jamaica – As the birthplace of Jamaica Mountain Blue, Jamaica is a must visit for any true coffee lover.

So now you know why and where you should visit, all that’s left to do is to book your tickets and set off exploring. You will come back full of experience and knowledge and will no doubt be able to win any coffee quiz hands down. – Travel Feeder

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