Have Vape, Will Venture: International Travel Tips for E-Cigs and Pens

You’ve successfully quit or at least cut down on cigarette use. You’re vaping now. Naturally, your vaping essentials go where you go, whether it’s down the street or over international waters. Therefore, you’ll need some advice on what to do with E-cigs before you take off.

Vaping E-Cigs

Vapes on a Plane

The burning question is, “Can I vape on a plane?” The answer is no. You may be able to find some random airline that has some lenient rules but that’s more an exception these days. While some vapers may run the risk of receiving a penalty by vaping in the bathroom, don’t bet on the ability to vape among the clouds.

While you can’t vape on the plane, you can take your belongings with you in your carry-on. Most e-liquid containers fall short of the liquid limit. If you have a number of liquid bottles, put them in your carry-on luggage. E-cig batteries are banned from checked luggage worldwide.

At the Airport

The current feeling is that airports are getting more restrictive, yet you’re likely to find vapers at random spots throughout airports. Yet it’s best practice to ask before you vape. You may be asked to go to areas reserved for smokers. Before packing, dislodge batteries and pack all components in clear containers to bring with your carry-on luggage.

Going Through Customs

It’s best practice to be forthright about your e-cigs components and e-liquids, for some countries have been known to be aggressive when confronted with mysterious electronic devices. To save yourself from having to tell a horror story, be prepared to show your components and possibly activate the device.

Selling vs Owning E-cigs Components

Even in places like Indonesia, where authorities are strict on tobacco and e-juice suppliers, laws are lax for vapers. Locals report that it’s okay to bring in supplies for personal use yet authorities obstruct the flow of suppliers who are trying to reach consumers at scale.

Know By Location

Making things more complicated, some places have micro-laws regarding vaping. For example, in America, laws go down to the city level, so technically, one behavior could be fine in one zip code while it’s likely to attract a penalty in another. The best thing you can do is visit websites of specific locations and search for smoking laws.

Moreover, don’t assume that you’ll be able to get supplies at your destination. If you don’t pack enough of your favorite e-juice, you may have to do without your dinner lady vape until you get back home. Alternatively, rather than traveling with the package, you could order e-juice online and see if you could receive a package at your destination.

Carry On vs Checked

If you buy e-liquid while traveling and want to bring it back, understand that you’ll need to check it since you’re likely to exceed the liquid limit. Also, remember that the FAA has stated that lithium ion batteries are a fire hazard. You must travel with these on your person. – Travel Feeder

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