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I just received an email notification from Airasia (or is it Airasia Japan?) regarding some important (or rather normal for Airasia?) reminders on the check in process and procedures for domestic flights within Japan in between Tokyo, Fukuoka, Okinawa and Sapporo. I don’t quite sure why I received this email since I did not book any domestic flights in Japan but only international AirasiaX flight to Japan this November (Oops! Did I mention that I’m flying off to Japan this November again? 🙂 ).

Airasia Japan’s low cost carrier for Japan domestic flights is a great option for budget travelers to fly between major cities within Japan, as they are by far the cheapest option if compared with all other available domestic flights in Japan that include ANA, JAL, AirDo and others! And they are even cheaper than if traveling by Shinkansen bullet trains!

Anyway, here is the flight reminders Airasia Japan emailed to me and I post it for those (especially our Japaneses friends) who haven’t traveled with Airasia before. Do be cautious on the 45 minutes check-in counter closure time prior to the scheduled departure time which is earlier than the normal 30 minutes check in and 15 minutes boarding time that other local airlines offer.


Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing AirAsia Japan!

As you may already know, AirAsia Japan is a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airline company that is different from full-service airline companies. To make your flight a comfortable and pleasant one with us, we would like you to take note of our services and policies for your travel convenience.

ご搭乗に際しての重要なお知らせ Important flight reminders

Cancellation is not permitted お客様都合でのキャンセルができません。お時間に余裕を持って空港にお越し下さい。
At AirAsia, cancellations are not permitted upon customer’s request. Please arrive at the airport several hours prior to your departure time.

Check-in counter
Our check-in counters OPEN 2 hours and CLOSE 45 MINUTES prior to your scheduled departure time.

Web/Mobile/Kiosk Check-in
We encourage you to Self Check-In via Web and Kiosk at the airport for free at least 1 hour before boarding time.Counter check-ins may charge a minimal “check-in fee” depending on the airport.

Check-in counter closed
Late check-ins will not be entertained and flights are non-refundable.

Confirmation stamp on boarding passご搭乗前には搭乗券に確認印を押してもらってください。国内線保安検査場近くに搭乗券チェックポイントがあり、搭乗券に確認印を押印しています。確認印がない場合保安検査場を通過できませんのでご注意ください。
Ensure you have a confirmation stamp on your boarding pass before boarding as guests without the stamp may not pass security check. Within the domestic flight safety inspection area, there is a place where boarding passes are to be checked and stamped for all guests.

Be on time at departure gate搭乗口は出発予定時刻20分前にクローズします。混雑する場合がありますので、時間に余裕をもって(40分前くらいに)お越しください。
The gate closes 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Guests need to be at the gate at least 40 minutes prior to avoid any inconvenience.

No outside food allowed
Outside food and beverages are not permitted on all AirAsia flights.

In-flight meal
Check’s pre-book meals menu as not all meals are available for purchase on-board.

Narita, Fukuoka, Shin-Chitose & Okinawa Naha Airport各空港のサービスカウンター/手荷物預かりカウンターと搭乗券チェックポイントは下記の通りです。
Check-in counters and Boarding pass check points are as follows in each airport:

Check-in counter
Boarding pass check point
Narita Airport (NRT)
Terminal 2, 1st floor on the far North side
Terminal 2, 1st floor on the far North side near safety inspection area
Fukuoka Airport (FUK)
国内線第1ターミナル1階出発ロビー ANA団体カウンター向かい
Domestic Terminal 1, 1st floor departure lobby (in front of ANA Group counter)
国内線第1ターミナル2階 保安検査場付近
Domestic Terminal 1, 2nd floor near safety inspection area
Shin-Chitose Airport (CTS)
国内線ターミナル1階 ANA団体カウンター向かい
Domestic Terminal 1st floor (in front of ANA Group counter).
Domestic Terminal 2nd floor, near Safety inspection area “A”
Okinawa Naha Airport (OKA)
Check-in lobby on 3rd floor, North side near escalator
Near the check-in counter located at Check-in lobby on 3rd floor, North side near escalator

お問い合わせは AskAirAsia まで。

For any other questions, just AskAirAsia. You can also contact our customer service via email or Live Chat.

We look forward to seeing you on board!

Best Regards,
AirAsia Japan


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