The Best Phuket Street Food I’ve Ever Had

What do I do most on my travel to Phuket other than sight seeing and pressing my camera shutter? Eat. Eat. Eat. What do I eat on my travel to somewhere I’m not familiar with? Local foods. I love trying out delicious local foods at all places, be it restaurant, cafes or even street. I tried some local Thai foods at food court in Jungceylon which was good. I’ve also tried some local seafood at local seafood restaurant along Rat-U-Thit Road that was worth trying. But what to me was the best local food that we had in Phuket? Not the specialty food. Not the lobsters. Not the fragrance rice but the Tom Yam noodle selling on the street! Let’s find out how we discovered the street food while wandering about Patong Beach.

Phuket street food2

We actually went to morning market in Patong Beach on our 3rd day travel in Phuket. Walking along the Rat-U-Thit Road, we spotted a steamy motobike with a few of local Thais standing around the bike that tucked in the alley between shops.

Phuket street food1

Looking like we have found some local favourites, I decided to have a look closer. A bowl of soup noodle. It’s a mobile noodle stall!

Phuket street food3

Interestingly, this Thai was pouring some kind of sauce and started mixing the noodle himself. This vendor is selling noodle soup with fish ball and crispy pork skin.

Phuket street food4

It looked delicious and I wanted to give it a try. I asked the patron how much did he pay for a bowl, he showed four fingers to me, which meant 40THB or USD1.25 only. Sounds good. “Give me a bowl please.

Phuket street food5

This hawker asked me whether want the pork skin and which flavour we like, Tom Yam or fish ball?

Phuket street food6

We ordered 2 bowls, one Tom Yam and one fish flavoured soup noodle with fish ball and cripy pork skin. It looked YUMMY!

Phuket street food7

Jean and Bobo. “Who wants to start off first?

Phuket street food8

‘You taste the noodle, I taste the Tom Yam soup…’ Umm, it is delicious!

Phuket street food9

Who cares how we look?

Phuket street food10

Faster! Faster! Where is my other bowl?

Phuket street food11

Fish ball soup noodle finally came. Jean tried it first also. Now you know who was our taster in Phuket trip! 🙂

Phuket street food12

The best photo to show how much we loved the noodle soup, though it was only street food.

Phuket street food13

Honey, stop snapping!  Come on and try some of it! I’m going to finish it all!” OK OK. I’m coming…

(Click this link to see all photos of Phuket taken by me using my Nikon D60.)

This mobile  noodle stall can be spotted along Rat-U-Thit Road opposite the Cristin Massage parlor and Patong Resort. Subscribe this travel blog to receive free updates of my travel stories around the world via email. Until then… – Travel Feeder, the ultimate travel photo blog

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