Kiwitaxi individual transfers for peace of mind arrival

Who are Kiwitaxi individual transfers for?

As a frequent traveler I am in a constant search for the more convenient services and tools that can make my trips easier and more comfortable. Here I am going to talk about my recent finding – a service called Kiwitaxi, which helps to book individual transfers in 94 countries and more than 100000 touristic directions. Kiwitaxi site has a nice interface, is simple to use and offers a wide range of cars and extra services for any situation. Below, I have tried to sum up who Kiwitaxi service could be suitable for.

So, it will definitely deserve you attention if you are traveling:

  • with family and children. For moms and dads with children, especially small ones, it is essential that the trip takes minimum time as is as safe and comfortable as possible. Not every taxi has a child seat, but you can order it with Kiwitaxi when booking a transfer. For a family trip you can choose a bigger car or even a minivan, which will already be waiting for you at a fixed time. As Kiwitaxi site states, all the cars are no older than 7 years and the taxi drivers are professionals who care about your safety.

    Kiwitaxi individual transfers

    You can order a child seat with Kiwitaxi

  • for the first time or do not speak language of a country visited. In both cases, the chances that you get lost are very high. But if you decide to order the car with Kiwitaxi, you will surely get to you hotel or other destination as the driver will already know where it is. Besides, there are many English-speaking drivers in Kiwitaxi on different routes.
  • with big company or large equipment (for example, snowboard or skis). For a big group of tourists, it is beneficial to order a minivan, as the price can be shared among all the travellers. In case of a large equipment, it will be very difficult to find a regular taxi for you and your luggage or to carry it in a public transport.
  • at night. If you are arriving late enough, when the public transport does not go anymore, the choice is not very big: to order a taxi or an individual transfer. But keep in mind that at night taxis may cost as twice as much as during the day.

Or even when your family is travelling without you, but you want to make sure they will arrive safe and sound with all their baggage, without getting lost.

Book online in advance

To sum up, Kiwitaxi is a service that can be handy to different types of travelers. All you need is to book a transfer for you trip online in advance, and be sure that it will be waiting for you where and when you need it. – Travel Feeder

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