Things You Can Do for Your Vehicle Before Travelling

A lot of questions can come up about what to do with your vehicle when you’re planning to travel and will be gone for an extended period. It’s quite understandable to have serious concerns as your car is an essential part of your daily life and it is an investment.

However, if you’re looking to get out of town for several months or even considering staying abroad indefinitely, you should carefully consider your options. It’s going to be difficult to part with your set of wheels, especially if it’s something you really like and you’re not quite ready to be away from it.


While everyone’s circumstance is unique, here are some ideas that you can do and decide which works for your situation. The first thing you should consider is the length of your absence.

Length of your absence

Will you be gone for just a couple of weeks or a month or two? Or will you stay out of the country much longer, like more than a year?

For short-term vehicle storage, you should strongly consider long-term airport parking, especially if you don’t have a secure place to park your vehicle or have no choice but to leave it outdoors.

Your car may get stolen or broken into, and it may sustain some damage if it gets exposed to the elements for a long time without any type of protection. You can leave it with a relative or a friend, granting if they have space for it.

You can leave your vehicle at the airport, but that may not be cost-effective in the long run. So, parking it near the airport might be a better and cheaper option. Some off-airport parking services can offer a secure parking space for your car, so you can have peace of mind while you’re away.

If the weather is fair during the time you’ll be away, it’s okay to park your vehicle in an open-air space for a short time. Alternatively, if you’ll be gone for long, it’s better to get indoor parking, to keep it safe from rain or snow.

Also, look for a parking service provider that can provide a 24-hour surveillance, so you’ll be sure your car is safe. Some providers also offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, so you’ll save some money on taxi fares.

Now, to make sure your vehicle is still in top shape after your time away, here are some things you can do and check when you take it out of storage.

Things you can do and check when you take vehicle out of storage

If you’re leaving it outdoors, keep it covered. Buy a weatherproof car cover to help keep it clean and protect it from the sun and rain.

It may seem pointless to clean your car since you’re going to leave it anyway, but get it washed. For extra protection treat your set of wheels with a good coat of wax.

If you’re going to leave it unused for more than a month, make sure you get the oil changed as used oil has contaminants that can cause damage to the engine.

Now before you drive, check under the hood for signs if some critter has chewed on some parts, like hoses, wires or belts. Check your tires’ pressure and inflate them to the suggested levels.

Also check for leaks, as well as the windshield wipers, too, as the rubber may have become brittle or have cracked over time. Don’t forget to check your brakes for rust that may have gathered on the rotors, and remove any dirt you may see. Better to be safe than sorry.

Do you have experience or tips on what you should do for your car while you’re away? We’d love to hear them. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below. – Travel Feeder

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