Top 5 Tech gadgets to bring along your travel

IT or Intelligent Technology, is what many people are crazy about and relying on today. And thanks to the rapid advancement of IT, many travel gadgets that we found useful in those old days are now being combined into 1 single gadget. Compass, translator, dictionary, GPS, maps, calculator, books, video games, computer, camera, video recorder, torch light and off course mobile phone, are all combined, built in or made available as mobile apps, into a single gadget called smart phone! This made us able to travel lighter. Packing list is shorter, and luggage has become lighter. This is the power of IT advancement.

Salvate l'ambiente: leggete su iPad

Instead of lugging heavy backpack full of gadgets, what we need now is only the following 5 Tech gadgets to bring along your travel:

1) iPad or tablet – Need we say more, many travelers are having one of these tablets in their daypack. This is perhaps one single most useful gadget on any travel. With built in GPS, maps, compass, translater, dictionary, travel websites surfing, and even books reading, iPad or tablets nowadays are so powerful that could one day replace the travel information counter found in airport and train station!

2) Mobile WiFi hotspot or WiFi router – Tablets is useful. Having said that, it is powerful only when it has 3G or 4G LTE or Wifi broadband connection. Until one day when all countries around the world have uniform and cheap broadband connection, we still need now either a mobile WiFi hotspot on the go, or WiFi router inside our hotel rooms.


3) iPhone or smart phone – Until there is an iPad to feature real phone call capability, we still need an iPhone or smart phone to call, especially fixed land. Other than that, it could serve as a capable compact camera and video recorder (tablet would not be handy to do that, albeit capable), as well as a handy torch light.

4) Power socket adaptor – Unless your phone and tablet have multi power socket adaptor, or all countries have universal plug point socket, we still need an adaptor for certain countries to plug in our charger.

Socket adapter1

5) Mini battery pack – Tablet and smart phone could be powerful and useful, but when its battery is flat, they are just lifeless piece of junk! Until those IT manufacturers manage to overcome the short battery life of all smart phones and tablets, we still need a mini battery pack to recharge our gadgets to bring back its life on the go!

For travel photographers, an additional SD card reader is needed to upload and backup your photos on travel. In a very near future, we might need only one device to do them all. 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate travel photo blog

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