Top 5 Local Foods To Eat When Travel To Bali

Whenever you go for vacation travel, I think one of the thing you must do is to try out those local foods at your tourist destination. Well, depends on the budget, some might go for hawker stalls and others might go for cruise dinner. For me, local food survey and try out is always inside my travel itinerary and top priority. During my recent holiday travel to Bali, I have tried out quite a lot of local foods around but to be frank, not all foods selling there is good or maybe just not my cup of tea. Moreover, you can never justify the taste with the price you have paid. Lucky enough, I met few ‘regular’ tourists there and also talked to some local people there so I managed to try out some really great local favourite foods in Bali. Here, I listed down below the Top 5 Local Foods from snack, buffet, lunch to dinner regardless price that you must at least try if it is your first time travel to Bali.

  1. DSCN5168 ROJAK (Mixed Fruit Salad)This is a fantastic spicy and sour snack with varieties of local fruits like pineapple, pomelo, cucumber, mango etc mixed up with shrimp chilies source. One of the seaside stall in front of Hard Rock at Kuta beach offers this good appetizer at under USD1.00!
  2. DSCN5169 MEAT BALLS NOODLE SOUP – For those who fancy about soupy noodles with lots of meat balls then you should try this! Tasty soup with solid meat ball that surely will full your stomach in the breakfast session for USD1.00. You can also find this little seaside stall opposite Kuta Seaview at Kuta.
  3. DSCN5099 BUFFET LUNCH AT CLIFF KINTAMANI – Well, there are many restaurants offerring buffet lunch at the edge of cliff (don’t try to look down over your dining table if your heart cannot take it!) at Kintamani. I recommended these not for the good food but the fantastic view over Mt. Badur, the active volcano where smokes still coming out of it occationally! At a price of USD12.00 per person, you can relax in the breezy weather enjoying great sunlight and superb panorama mountain view.
  4. DSCN5128 SEAFOOD ONLY PLEASE! For those who travel to Bali for Honeymoon, having a full course Candlelight Seafood dinner AT the seaside of Djimbaran will definitely make you trip unforgettable. Regardless the price, you must try this seaside rendezvous with your love one enjoying the fresh seafood of Bali sea cooked with local flavour. On top of it, there are mobile 3-piece live band offering good music right in front of you. But remember, 2 bottles of Bintang Beer is a must!
  5. DSCN5171 LOCAL DELIGHT – For the budget travelers, this one is a must for you to try out! After surveys and research for days, off course, with the advice from the ‘regular’ customers, I finally found a place whereby you can have a nice local style fried rice or noodle with the least expensive price in the whole Kuta region! This little Rainbow Cafe situated along the side lane of Gang Poppies 2 near Jalan Legian. For those who travel often to Bali, they should know this place very well. I could see many regular customers over there mostly European and Australian. For whoever loves to drink beer, you can have it very cheap here also for only USD1.50 per big bottle and it is even cheaper than Supermarket!

That’s my recommended Top 5 Local Foods To Eat When Travel To Bali. Just don’t miss any one of this if you are in Bali! 🙂 – Travel Feeder, your ultimate photo travel blog

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