Top 5 prerequisites constituting great travel experiences

How could we ensure our holidays could deliver travel experiences that we originally planned for and much sought after? From my various travel experiences, I realised that there are several constituents in such a successful or immaculate travel. These prerequisites inevitably constitutes either your holiday is a great or a bad travel experience. They must be accomplished as planned before any other activities in your travel itinerary, regardless if you got the best deals out there.

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You could plan to minute details before your departure date, but no matter how you plan your travel, without these aforesaid 5 elements being achieved or accomplished first, no travel would be successful and enjoyable.

  1. Checking in your flight to and from your travel destination – Obviously a journey to and from any travel destination could not be started and ended swiftly if there are issues and problems during your flights checking in process. This is the first step of your travel and it does lift up your travel mood if everything going on fine. So make sure you have prepared everything you need for checking into your flights such as checked in baggage weight, hand carry bag liquid items restrictions, VISA acquisition and also your flight itinerary;
  2. Checking in your accommodation in your destination – Confirming your accommodation in your travel destinations is the foremost thing when you arrive so you can assure there is a place to rest and secure your luggage at night. Your mood to enjoy your travel would definitely be carried away by great tensions and unsecured feeling should you still searching for accommodations. This is why I always book hotels online in advance using coupons for my travel just to make sure I could have a total peace of mind during travel.
  3. Grabbing a copy of the city map as well as transportation route map – The next prerequisite after arriving at your destination is to grab a city map and transportation route map. You could even download it online and print it out before your travel. Very simple to understand. You are in a place where you are totally unfamiliar with, so you need to know where you are and where and how to go next. Mark down where is your accommodation so the locals or taxi driver could send you home in case you get lost in nowhere!
  4. Securing your personal belongings and preparing your photography equipment – Before doing anything else in your travel destination, make sure all your personal belongings such as passport, iPad or netbook are properly secured in your hotel room. If you are staying in B&B, first check with the receptionist if there are any lockable lockers. Also packing your photo tools to bring out only cameras and lenses that you need for the day and leave others behind in your safety box.
  5. Opening up your mind and be prepared for any unexpected or ad hoc situations – This is the last but the most important prerequisite in any memorable holiday. You have to open up your mind before even leaving your home! Travel is a great experience only when you are ready for the unexpected. Travel is enjoyable and memorable because you can experience different culture and foods in an unfamiliar place. You have to accept these differences as it is and appreciate these differences. Narrow minded people will never enjoy their holiday if they are not willing to try new things on travel. Travel is also a journey with too many ad hoc situations. We can’t always stick to our planned itinerary. We have to adapt to various ad hoc situations such as unexpected rain, museum closure, public transport broke down or so on. If we treat all these unexpected situations as part of our memorable travel experiences, then only we can enjoy the whole journey of our travel. And this is the essence of travel!

With these things being done satisfactorily without issues, we could start enjoy our travel and creating a brand new page in our travel log book as well as travel photo album! 🙂 – Travel Feeder

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