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Do you ever get the feeling that where you are now is so dull and boring? Do you ever said to yourself, “Man, I wish I can go somewhere else for a change!” Well, you can, but then, another question will pop into your head, “Travelling is crazily expensive. Forget it!” Before you start unpacking your stuff, here’s a newsflash for ya: It ain’t as expensive as you think. The trick is you just have to find the rainbow that will lead you to the pot of gold. Lucky for you, this pot of gold comes with just one word: Traveloka.

Who and What is Traveloka?

From the name itself, you will know it is all about travelling. Based in the heart of Jakarta, Traveloka is an Indonesian-based travelling booking website that delivers a platform for users to book flight tickets, make hotel reservations and act as a faithful holiday package tour guide. It was founded by the three musketeers, Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma and Albert and they have developed the company over the years since 2012 to become one of the best in its field; standing together with other travelling sites in the industry.

The idea was inspired by Ferry Unardi when he find it troublesome to fly back occasionally from the United States. Just one spark of inspiration turned into something much more valuable and practical to almost everyone across Southeast Asia. What started with success in Indonesia has now spread across the Southeast Asia continent including Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – providing cheapest prices online for hotels and flights. Now, it is safe to say, travelling is a must-have in everyone’s bucket list.

Their service network have expanded in ways that some will find amazing within the span of time of their emergence in the industry. Here in Traveloka  you can check out the amazing offers they bring to the table. To further enhance user experience and market value, they are also available in mobile application that tally with how fast the world is turning with technology by its side. It is a growing industry and doesn’t show any sign of stopping anytime soon. Let’s see what are the main highlights of this empire.

What are the amazing offers Traveloka have for you?

This booking website provides the best deals for both hotels and flights. Tickets and reservations range from the cheapest to the highest price according to your own preferences. So, name your price; Are you eyeing the cheapest flight tickets (eg: Malindo flight tickets)  to go to your dream location? Are you searching for the hottest hotel booking available in your dream location? Here’s what Traveloka offers your travelling heart.

Hotel! Hotels! Hotels!

One of the ultimate bust when you are out on a new travelling adventure is when you find yourself stuck in a slumpy hotel that will totally ruin your vacation mood. You don’t have to bother studying every hotel reviews you can find, but instead, you can just check out the hotels Traveloka have in store for you. They have over thousands of hotels and each destination have the summary of various hotels you can find nearby. The search is fast and super easy. Why complicate things, right?  It’s very convenient knowing that you will get instant list of what kind of hotels available at your target destination. Not only that, you can also go right ahead and make hotel booking online – yeap, just one clickety-click away to getting the best accommodation in town.

The information provided are no less detailed and precise, not to mention with close-up visuals on the site and customer reviews from other people who have stayed there during their own vacay time. This not only informative to those who is looking for a good place to stay, but also convenient since you can book your flight ticket and make hotel reservation at the same time. Now, isn’t that the best of both worlds?

Up, up and away!

Yes, it’s that time again. The time to find the right ticket for the right price. It can sometimes be a battle, especially to those who are just getting into travelling and embarking on their first adventure of a lifetime. Yeah, it can be a challenge. But like I said, all you need to do is find the rainbow that will lead you to the pot of gold. Traveloka offers the best deals you can find on flight tickets. They have various airlines incorporated with their company that will help you locate the best airline tickets out there. Now, your brain might be having a headache imagining all the names and numbers popping in your computer screen, but the interface prepared by them is super helpful. It is simple, easy to navigate and gives you the relevant information pertaining to when, where and what. There are no hidden arrows that will make you miss out on any important details on your flight booking.

Talk about transparency of information, when I said all, I meant all information are kept transparent – especially the prices. The prices are upfront and most honest when you are scouting your flight tickets. There are no hidden charges or taxes implemented by the company, and no booking fees, either! Are you kidding me? So, dear newbies traveller, fret not because the booking website will give you a step-by-step instructions on navigating you to what you want. The flight search is easy, the information is precise and even the price is honest – what more can you ask for, right? – Travel Feeder

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