Travel Guide – Antoni Gaudi Creation of Casa Batllo in Barcelona

I just realised I’ve posted a travel photo of Casa Batllo at night sometimes back but never written any story about it. So here is some stories about this phenominal architecture creation. Designed by the famous local architect Antoni Gaudi (25th June 1852 – 10th June 1926) and built in 1906, Casa Batllo presented Gaudi’s original, fantastical, wild and out of imagination ideas in Catalan architecture. If you read through Antoni Gaudi’s biography, you will soon realise many of those highly frequented travel destinations in Barcelona are actually created by him!

Casa Batllo Barcelona

Casa Batlló at night1

While Park Guell is Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece in recreation park design and Sagrada Família in church design, Casa Batllo is perhaps his masterpiece to show the world how should an artistic residential house look like!

Casa Batllo of Barcelona

Casa Batllo is located in Passeig de Gràcia, a upmarket shopping district of Barcelona. It was originally built by Emilio Sala Cortés in 1877 but only in 1903, when Mr. Josep Batlló Casanovas acquired it, Gaudi was appointed to carry out major refurbishment work it. From a traditional architecture design, Casa Batllo was transformed into a building with creative “Dragon back” facade and astonishing artistic interior. Take a look at the interior design images to admire.

It is commonly known as “The house of the bones”, “The house of the masks”, or “The house of dragon”, all by its look from afar. Casa Batllo is impossible to remain indifferent to its spectacular appearance, which causes passers-by to stop and gaze at it at all hours of the day.

The Batllo’s family actually stayed in there for more than 50 years until they sold it to the current owner. Today, Casa Batlló is one of the iconic landmarks of Barcelona, and one of the best loved cultural and tourist attractions. It attracts millions of visitors each year where it is now open daily for public viewing, with entrance fees charged. Read more details of it on

Casa Batllo facade

Casa Batlló is a truly masterpiece of shape, colour and light. Whenever you are in Barcelona, besides visiting to Park Guell and the beach, a short throw away from La Rambla is Casa Batllo which worth an hour break from your shopping in Passeig de Gràcia! – Travel Feeder

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