Travel Photo – Tofukuji Kyoto With Autumn Color By iPhone X

I’m back from Japan! Do you miss me? I guess not. Do you miss the camera quality of what I’ve left out in the last part of my brief review on iPhone X? I bet so! After my 2 weeks tour to Japan, I think I had taken enough travel photos with my new iPhone X. And here is an image of Tofukuji Kyoto, a sneak peek of what the X’s rear 12MP dual lens camera is capable of in terms of photos taking on travel.

Tofukuji Kyoto with some Autumn colors

Koyo in Tofukuji Kyoto by iPhone X

The above Photo is captured with iPhone X. Photographed with iPhone X back dual camera, with Shutter speed 1/889 sec. Aperture f1.8. Focus distance was 4mm. ISO 20. Auto White Balance. No flash fired and no exposure value being compensated with Multi Segment metering. This photo is uploaded straight out of iCloud without post processing except adding text with Adobe Photoshop Element. View the full size photo in my Flickr albums.

Tofukuji Kyoto is perhaps the most significant Koyo spot for Japanese. Each year during the Koyo season in late November, local people flock into Tokukuji temple just to admire the Autumn colours. Under fair weather with great Autumn sunlight, red colors pop out to make your photos as vibrant as it could have.

Nevertheless, bright sunlight means you can see a lot of dark shadows and bright elements in your photos. Without the capability of capturing these scenes with high dynamic range, your camera will miss out a lot of shadow details.

HDR Capability of iPhone X

Without disappointing, my iPhone X with its camera’s HDR capability (with some help from in camera software boost), just captured this sort of scenes nicely and effortlessly!

Click on the photo to view its full size image and all the shadows details. Look at the amount of details it managed to capture with its tiny sensor and you will be amazed by how far the image processing technology has advanced since a few years ago.

This is a simple snapshot without taking much care on where the sunlight coming from. Furthermore, it was uploaded to Flickr without any post processing on picture (A simple copyright text was inserted through PS though)!

So stay tight! There are more pictures taken by my X coming up soon. As an introduction, the iPhone X is a little 12MP camera with tiny light sensor but highly intelligent brain inside. – Travel Feeder

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