Pennywise Travel Tips: How to Cut Travel Costs and Still Have Fun

How to Cut Travel Costs

With the array of bills and expenses, the majority of modern households face on a daily basis, it’s no wonder many struggle to save. So, if you’re an avid traveler and love nothing more than seeing different parts of the world, struggling to save could be detrimental to your love of travel simply because, as much as we wish it didn’t, traveling costs money!

However, traveling often has an unfair reputation for being ridiculously expensive and only realistic for the rich or those who have spent years upon years meticulously saving without having any fun. But this is certainly not the case and, if you’re organized and careful, you can considerably cut travel costs whilst on the road without sacrificing any of the fun or experience along the way. So, if you’re keen to travel but feel held back by money, here are some painless tips to help you save some serious cash.

How to Cut Travel Costs and still have fun

Cheap flights

If you can be flexible when it comes to flights, you can literally save yourself hundreds of dollars. It’s no secret that flight prices fluctuate, but they fluctuate to such a degree that this could be one of the most effective ways of saving money when on-the-go.

Using sites like Skyscanner or Google Flights will instantly provide you with the cheapest dates and times to fly to your chosen destination. Traveling during the week is generally always cheaper than weekends and, whilst you may not particularly enjoy the unsightly hours, early morning flights are often much cheaper too.

And, if you’re not ready to book something right away but are still keen to stay on top of prices, it’s useful to follow your favorite airlines on social media as it’s likely cheap flights and deals will be advertised regularly!

Stop unnecessary habits

Most relevant when preparing to travel, simply cutting out unnecessary everyday habits can be a great way to start a travel saving fund. Do you really need to buy that coffee every morning on the way to work? Do you always have to go out for dinner on Friday nights instead of cooking at home?

By taking a step back and actually looking at your daily habits, you’re almost guaranteed to find something you do that costs unnecessary money. But, by cutting it out and putting the money you would have spent aside for traveling, your savings will grow by the day!

But if you still find yourself low on savings by the time you go, a small personal loan could be a good option dependent on your credit score – find out why.

Take snacks

No one likes the ridiculously expensive food and drink prices both at airports and on planes. So, why not simply prepare snacks at home instead? Carrying an empty water bottle in your carry-on is extremely useful too, as you can easily fill it after going through security instead of having to buy one.

Yes, traveling can be expensive – but only if you allow it to be! By simply making some small changes in both your travel preparation and whilst on-the-go, you’ll be surprised at how much cash you’ll save ready to put towards another adventure. – Travel Feeder

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