The Best Time To See Snows In London and Beijing

Well, for those travellers from tropical countries who wish to experience snowing in London and Beijing, this is the best time to visit them!I’m not joking. They are snowing right now and still expecting to continue snowing until the end of the month! Both the world most popular travel destination, London and Beijing, one in the west and the other in the east are now covered with thick snow. They are experiencing the heaviest snow fall ever in over 40 years!

I can promise you that if you go there now, it would be your first and last time you would like to see snows. You’re going to hate it because it’s simply too much! Public transports are all in trouble. Airports are closed because of heavy snowfall, roads and railways are all in thick snow and commuters are having problems to operate. EuroStar had stopped operating. Schools are closed because of the snows also. Travel destinations like London Bridge and Forbidden city are covered with white snow. What could you see other than snows?

Not only that, freezing temperature would be another issue for travelers to walk around town and even though the snowfall would stop one day, roads would become dirty to walk around also when snow melts.

What had happened to our world? Increment weather is happening everywhere. Heavy snowfall in Mediterranean countries like London, sandstorm in Australia, Tsunami in Thailand and USA, increment rainfall in tropical cities like Manila and Hanoi. Our world is sick. What would happen next? Nobody knows. As far as I’m concerned, I would if possible, travel the world as soon as I can before they all disappear! Who knows when will it be, perhaps in year 2012? – Travel Feeder.

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