Lighten Your Load: Quick Tips for Packing Your 4×4 for an Outdoor Adventure

Quick Tips for Packing Your 4×4

If you are planning a 4×4 adventure, you will want to find a way of packing what you need for the trip, without filling your vehicle with more stuff than people. Get more out of your 4×4 by packing safely and economically.

Here is a guide on the essentials to pack. It includes a look at how much water you need, how to go easy on the camping equipment, and the best way to pack to maintain a low center of gravity.

JEEP 4x4

Ready to travel and prepared for emergencies

It is important to make sure you are fully prepared for most predictable emergencies each time you venture into the wild.

If you are taking a vehicle like the Jeep Patriot on your trip, this should give you the performance and safety features you need for an overland adventure. You also need to be ready to cope with potential emergency situations. This means packing the right gear.

There are some basics that should be in your vehicle wherever you travel to.

Pack a first aid kit with basic items and a blood stopper kit included. A fire extinguisher is also a basic essential item.

Make sure you also pack one blanket for each person traveling in your vehicle. A gallon of water for each person is the minimum amount to carry on board. Consider increasing this volume if you are heading to a dry and remote location.

Think about your water needs and pack accordingly. You need enough water for hydration, plus enough to cover other requirements, including some extra for your vehicle if it overheats or leaks.

You would hope you don’t need much water other than for hydration, but it is better to pack enough water to cope with any potential liquid requirements.

Camping essentials

You can soon overload your 4×4 with more camping equipment than you need. It is better to lighten your load and concentrate on the essentials.

At least two decent sized tarps or plastic sheets will make your camp more comfortable. Also, make sure you have enough lighters and fire starters to get your campfire going with the minimum of fuss.

Other camping essentials include enough sleeping bags for everyone. Also, something for shade and protection when you are exposed to the elements.

It is important to pack your off-road vehicle correctly. It is essential that you maintain a low center of gravity. The way to achieve this is to pack all of your heavy gear into the vehicle first and then gradually building up with your packing so that the lightest equipment is at the top.

If you have a roof rack, use it sparingly if you are heading for rough terrain or make sure it is secured safely using an elastic trailer net or some rope.

Make use of storage options in the cargo area. These can be used to store some useful equipment like ratchet straps or a folding shovel.

It might take a while to master the art of packing like a pro, but your efforts will be rewarded when you reach your destination safely and set up camp with the minimum of fuss.

Ella Pearce enjoys off-roading and when she is at home enjoys packing up her 4×4 and heading off on a weekend adventure. She also enjoys travel, rock climbing, hiking and a range of extreme sports.Travel Feeder

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