Top 5 Souvenir Bought From Bali

I have been talking a lot on shopping in Bali but what have we actually bought from Bali? Apart from those snacks and fritters we bought for our family and friends, we were also hunting for our souvenir collection. It is always exciting to keep some souvenirs from the country so we could recall our memory about the place that we’ve been to everytimes we see that souvenir. TRAVEL TIPS: IT IS GREAT TO HAVE THIS REVIEW OR TRACKBACK THINGY SO WE MIGHT FEEL LIKE VISITING THE COUNTRY OR CITY AGAIN AFTER SOMETIMES. In fact, there are few cities that have already been highlighted in my list of re-visiting. If you are interested to know more, you may subscribe to my feed for further updated list. So, what are the Top 5 Souvenirs that  we have hunted down in Bali?

  1.    Wood Carving Statue       Wood Carving Sculpture – A nice sculpture displaying a couple kissing each other emphasising the alluring body figure of the lady. The display price was some Rp120,000 but we managed to bargain and bought at Rp70,000;
  2.         Abstract Painting  Home made Abstract Painting – This wonderful abstract is painted by a local backyard artist with the most attractive ‘Golden Touch’ at the center of the painting. The painting is measuring some 2 feet by 5 feet and it costs us Rp150,000;
  3.  Glass Mosaic Plate         Glass Mosaic Plate A square 1foot by 1foot curvy plate made from small pieces of coloured glass mosaic on ceramic base displaying different texture under the light. My wife really loved it at first sight. It could be used as plate to fill up with some sweets or just holding it upright for display. Price: Rp80,000;
  4.    Mirror Frame       Fancy Wood Round Mirror Frame – This fantastic mirror and frame is actually made of MDF board carved into round and sun like shape and painted with some striking gold paint and small mirror inserts. Glass size is 15 inch diameter and unbelievable low price at only Rp20,000 !
  5.           Slippers From Kuta Seaview Cottage Slippers??? – Yes. It’s a pair of slippers from Kuta Seaview Cottage, the place we stayed during our holiday in Bali. We took back both pairs of these complimentary slippers for our sweet memories (Off course the permission must be seeked from the management officer). The price? The small wording of the cottage actually worth a million… 🙂

These are the top 5 souvenir we brought back from Bali. You may like some of them. So make sure to get it yourself once you are in Bali. The price can always bargainable and you have to make sure the final price is at least half of the initial offer. See ya. – Travel Feeder

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