Happy New Year 2010 from Travel Feeder!

Happy New Year 2010! Let’s celebrate! Bid farewell to the bad’s of Year 2009 and welcome the best’s in year 2010! I’ve photographed the last sunset scene of Year 2009 in Port Dickson of Malaysia when I was there yesterday. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the sunset scene but only the late evening sun above sea level. I intended to record down the final sunset of the year in Port Dickson but I missed the crucial moment. I MISSED THE LAST SUNSET OF YEAR 2009!!

Last 2009 sunset

However, the sun still setting down for the last time in Year 2009 and we are hoping to see our new sun rising up from sea level in Year 2010. Same to our hopes and new year resolution. We hope our wish could finally come true this year. I wish my new header of Travel Feeder and some other revised blog layout and arrangement would please my readers and subscribers more. Other than that, I wish my Europe tour middle of this year would be a success and memorable travel with my wife and friends. Off course, which would mean my fund raising campaign for the tour is going to be a success! 🙂

This would support me for adding continuous travel stories to this travel blog as well as travelling to Europe! Or at least you could subscribe to my feeds for free updates of this blog. Thank you and Happy happy New Year 2010! Travel Feeder.

p/s: I’m listening to TV now and Li Hom is singing “Kiss Goodbye” in new year concert in Taiwan… to Year 2009.

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